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Foreigners are in trouble at the hospital. Explaining the flow of health insurance, medical expenses and medical examinations in Japan

In this article, I will explain in detail how foreigners receive medical examinations at Japanese hospitals. In addition, we will provide solutions for foreigners' problems at hospitals (doctors do not understand the language, do not know which hospital to go to, financial anxiety about health insurance and medical expenses, etc.).


Is it difficult for foreigners to make a rental contract in Japan? Introducing the flow of examination and properties that do not require a guarantor



[Foreigners] Introducing the documents required to open a bank account and how to create a bank account with 6 recommended banks!

A bank account is necessary for exchanging money that is indispensable for daily life, such as receiving salary and paying utility bills. What if a foreigner wants to open a new bank account in Japan? Introducing the conditions and documents required to open an account, how to open an account, and 6 recommended banks to open an account.


Let's enjoy the "snow" of Japan

What do you imagine when you think of what you want to enjoy in winter Japan? When asked by international students, "snow" is often said. There are countries and regions in the world where it does not snow, and not only international students but also foreign tourists come to see the snow in Japan. Japanese snow, which often falls quietly, is closely related to Japanese culture. Let's enjoy winter to the fullest with snow while learning what kind of culture there is.

December 24, 2021

Learn the meaning and usage of Japanese "onomatopoeia" from winter to spring

Onomatopoeia is a Japanese expression that expresses natural sounds, voices, states, and movements. In winter, you will often read and listen to onomatopoeia such as "shinshin," "blurring," and "warm" in Japan. It often appears when reading Japanese reading comprehension sentences. In this article, I will introduce onomatopoeia that is often used in winter with example sentences. Learn the meaning and learn more about Japanese than ever before.


What is the average utility bill after studying in Japan? "Explanation of electricity, gas, and water contract methods"

How much does it cost to live in Japan after studying abroad (electricity, gas, water)? I will introduce it based on an example of living alone in Japan. Also, when living in Japan, it is necessary to make a contract for electricity, water, and gas in addition to the contract for a room or house such as an apartment or apartment, so I will explain the procedure (not necessary if you live in a share house). There are several companies that have contracts, but please be assured that the landlord will tell you.


What is a residence card? Documents required for renewal and procedures for Street address

A residence card issued to foreigners who are in Japan for the medium to long term. We will explain what kind of card it is, its role, how to read the Street address


Japanese lifestyle series 2nd | Be careful! Japanese garbage dump

Garbage disposal rules vary from country to country. For example, there are countries where you can put out burnable garbage and non-burnable garbage together, but in Japan it violates the rules. It must be sorted according to the type of garbage. If you don't divide it, the garbage truck may not bring it with you.


Japanese lifestyle series 1st | Transportation rules are different from foreign countries! ??

A new series will start this month. The theme is about Japanese lifestyle. We publish an article once a month for international students, those who want to study abroad, and those who have just studied abroad. This month, the first time, we will introduce information you need to know in advance about transportation in Japan.


Introducing site conversion tools! What is "Easy Japanese"? Cases and benefits

Have you ever heard the word "easy Japanese"? It is a very useful word for both international students and Japanese people involved in international students. Let's know its features and cases and use it for daily communication.


Let's use Japanese multilingual media for different purposes

I want to find out about Japan, but many people are in trouble because they don't understand Japanese. In this article, we will introduce web media and apps that provide information on Japan in many languages. About Japanese news, current Japanese society, tourism information, and studying abroad in Japan ... The site you see will change depending on what you want to find out.

November 04, 2020

There are rules for part-time jobs for international students! Let's check before starting a part-time job

If your status of residence is "College Student" when you come to Japan, you need a permit to work in Japan. Even after getting permission from the Immigration Bureau, you still need to know the various rules. You can work part-time within 28 hours a week (up to 8 hours a day during long school holidays) and must work outside of sex business. I will also explain what happens if you do not follow the rules and the points when looking for a part-time job.

August 07, 2020

I do not know when a disaster will occur! What should I do if I have an earthquake or typhoon in Japan?

Earthquakes, typhoons, heavy rain... Various disasters have occurred recently. Japan is a country with many earthquakes. What should we do "before the disaster", not "after the disaster?" In this article, I will introduce what you should prepare and Japanese that you should remember in case of a disaster.

July 07, 2020

What is "time management" that is useful when you are not motivated?

Due to the influence of the new corona, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) was canceled in July, and I think many people are uneasy. However, you must continue to study Japanese so that you can take the entrance examination for a university/graduate school/ Professional Training College, pass the next JLPT, and live a more fulfilling life in Japan. Know how to manage your time well so you can stay focused.

June 05, 2020

LINE, Skype, Takunomu... How do Japanese people make video calls?

The number of people making video calls is increasing all over the world while they cannot go out. What kind of video phone tools do Japanese people use nowadays, not only for work and study but also for talking with friends online? We will introduce each feature together.

May 07, 2020

Let's read the news in easy Japanese

Newspapers that Japanese people read every day and TV news they watch. "You can't read or see Japanese news just like Japanese people yet." News written in easy Japanese for foreigners and Japanese elementary and middle school students There is a website called "WEB EASY" (NHK).

March 04, 2020

[Life in Japan] Preparing to move for a new life

In Japan, March is the end of the school year. In March everyone is busy preparing for the next new life. Especially when it comes to moving, even Japanese are very troublesome to move, not to mention international students who are not good at Japanese. Since I was a former international student, when I moved, I often didn't know how to update my procedures, so I had a lot of trouble. Here, I would like to introduce some advice from my moving experience.

January 09, 2020

[Life in Japan] What international students should be aware of when working part-time in Japan

In Japan, international students can also work part-time and earn money within certain conditions. First of all, let's confirm the conditions and check points for working part-time here.

November 30, 2019

[Life in Japan] Let's learn about preparations and actions after an earthquake

I think everyone knows through news that Japan is an earthquake-prone country. Earthquakes can occur anywhere and anytime. In Japan, we have been teaching about countermeasures from an early age, such as kindergartens and elementary schools, in preparation for earthquakes. For example, “evacuation drill”. In your home country, you may not have learned at school about earthquake preparedness, or it may have been very easy to learn. As a country with many earthquakes, Japan is preparing for various earthquakes. Here, we will introduce the countermeasures and actions after the earthquake.

July 26, 2019

[Life in Japan] Common sense of living in Japan

* The original text of this article is written in Chinese. "Irish Kazoku" Immediately before the end of the same period as Japan's international studies, the future of international studies in Japan. "Rules" for life in Japan, normal for Japanese customs, Tadashi for foreigners' theory, surprising and terrific, for the return of local regions, and now for the sake of living in Japan.



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