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UPDATE | August 19, 2021

【International Student Interview】 Meiji University (MEIJI UNIVERSITY)

"International student interviews" will listen to a variety of stories to foreign students studying at higher education institutions in Japan. Let's use it as a reference for choosing a school and preparing for the exam, such as what preparations and efforts have been made towards passing the university, the state of learning after admission.

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Senior Profile

Faculty of Agriculture Department of Life Science 4th year

En Anka (from China)


● Reasons for aiming to study in Japan

When did you become interested in Japan?

When my father went on a business trip to Japan when he was a child, he brought back various souvenirs. Well-made and delicate, nice Japanese stationery and food. Seeing that, I thought it would be nice to have a country that could make such wonderful things. It was because of this impression that my curiosity about Japan grew.


After that, there was a time when my father taught me Japanese, but as I was learning, I realized that Japanese is not exactly what it says, but that I have to think about the nuances of words as well. I became interested in the language as a language because it was interesting.

Please tell us what made you decide to study abroad in Japan.

There is an episode that decided to study abroad in Japan.

When I was in high school, I traveled to Japan for the first time with my friends, but I lost my wallet. When I remembered the shop I had forgotten and couldn't speak Japanese even when I tried to call.

When I told the front desk of the hotel, he called the store and drove me to a distant store, and my wallet returned safely. I got the impression that "Japanese people are very kind".

This experience led me to tell my father that he wanted to study abroad in Japan.

When I think about it now, I feel like my dad was waiting for me to say, "I'm going to study abroad in Japan." I felt that it was a very good education to have created an environment where information about Japan could be entered naturally without being forced by my father.




● Reasons for deciding to go on to Meiji University


What made you discover Meiji University?

It's an interesting story, but the vanilla ice cream I ate when I came to Japan was very delicious, and when I was searching on the Internet to find out more, Meiji University was displayed in the search results along with the ice cream manufacturer. I learned about Meiji University.

I always thought that the company and Meiji University were the same organization, so when I decided to enroll, I was surprised to find that it was a university with a very long history!

Please tell us about the good points of Meiji University and the recommended points.

The good thing about Meiji University that I think is the "international atmosphere".

I feel that in detail, but I am constantly disseminating information in Japanese and English on the university website. I also feel that because there are many international exchange lounges and international exchange events that are crowded with international students.

The point I recommend to international students is that it is an "international" general university "". This is absolutely indispensable.

There are many campuses and faculties, each of which has a wide variety of people who have lived different lives. I think that's a really good place.

I really recommend that campus as well. I only know the Ikuta campus, but I like the fact that I can enjoy nature to the fullest.

Also, I am planning to go on to graduate school, but if you want to get a job after graduating from university, Meiji University is a strong university for employment, as it is called "Meiji University of Employment".

Also, the university character "Meijiro" is cute!


● Student life at Meiji University


What kind of research are you currently doing at the university?

I am doing a research called "bioinformatics".

Bioinformatics is an engineer in the biological world. For example, in the case of human beings, just as the color of the eyes changes when the sequence of genetic information changes slightly, organisms change the arrangement of patterns that make up genetic information, and the things that are formed also change. I am mainly studying the meaning in the genetic code of plants, how to rearrange this genetic information and what kind of changes it leads to.

The laboratory I belong to now has five students in all. Other than that, it is made up of researchers, not university students, and they care about the students, so they have abundant resources.

The atmosphere of the laboratory is very free. Being free has some difficulties that you have to think about yourself, but by thinking and analyzing it yourself and getting the results, I feel that I am able to do my own research.

Meiji University has a good study abroad system, isn't it?

When I was in the second year, I used the university study abroad program to study abroad in Canada.

I wanted to feel the change between myself when I came to Japan and myself when I went to Canada in an unknown environment. I wanted to see how much I changed in three years.

Mysteriously, I miss Japan when I went to Canada. I was surprised to find myself thinking that way. If you look at Japan from within Japan, you will definitely see some negative points, but by studying abroad in Canada, I discovered that I was attached to Japan.

When you are in college, you should definitely study abroad. Students should go!

Please tell me the tips to lead a fulfilling university life like Mr. En.

Participating in a Japanese speech contest and winning the championship in my first year was a major turning point in my college life. By participating, I realized my potential.

Discover that "if you want to do this, you will definitely be able to do it" and "a personality that believes in you and is confident", then let's try more things! It was an opportunity to think.

After that, I joined an organization that promotes exchanges between international students and Japanese people, supporting Japanese people who want to study abroad, supporting exchanges between international students and Japanese people, and planning various events.

Besides, as a study abroad advisor, participating in a business contest on campus ... Meiji University has a lot of student exchanges and there are many events, so it looks interesting! I actively participated in what I thought.

The key to gathering information to enhance your university life is to check the university homepage every day. I want to tell this to all students!

But I think it's more important to have an antenna to collect information.

If you keep your antenna up and conscious, you can quickly get the information you need.

I've been in college for a short time, and I don't have so many connections with people, so I want you to make the most of your connections. I think it's a good idea to participate in various events, talk to many people, and broaden your horizons.


● About university entrance exams in Japan


What did you focus on when choosing a university?

In my case, I emphasized that the QS ranking (Quacquarelli Symonds) was high, that I had the opportunity to study abroad, and that the research facilities were in place.

However, what I think now is that rankings are easy to judge because they have numbers, but it is not good to select them by themselves.

I can't see many things, so I actually go to the school, talk to the people at the school, imagine myself on campus, and see if I like it or not. I think it is very important to choose.


Did you have a hard time studying for the exam?

The college entrance exam was very difficult, closed and a fight against loneliness.

In my case, I really want to pass the school of my choice! I was pushing myself very much. I have to study for the exam and prepare for the exam all by myself, and I cry if I don't solve the problem.

Now I think it's better to leave the house and talk to someone when it's hard. You can feel connected to other people and realize that everyone is facing some difficulties.

When feelings are unstable, by putting yourself in a normal mental state, negative feelings are gradually pulled to the better side and change, and the feeling of loneliness disappears.

● About learning Japanese

Please tell me if you have helped learning Japanese

To watch YouTube. The contents can be anything, but I saw a lot of Japanese ones. I listened to NHK radio in the morning, believing that I would understand the meaning even if I didn't understand it at first.

Another recommendation is to read the Japanese version of a book that you have read in your native language.

Since you already know the story, it helps you to remember the differences between Chinese and Japanese expressions and phrases. When I didn't understand how to read it, I put a mark on the book and looked it up. Short stories and mystery novels may be recommended as they are easy to get into the story.

Is there anything I should do while I am in Japanese language school?

Make lots of friends!

After graduating from a Japanese language school, everyone Professional Training College, and I think everyone will spend some time in Japan, so it's a good idea to get along well.

Even if you prepare for the exam, if you are alone, you will not receive much information and your field of view will be narrowed. If you have a lot of friends, you will naturally get a lot of information about exams and preparations, so I recommend it in that sense as well.


● Message to international students

Finally, is there anything you would like to convey to international students who are aiming to go on to higher education in Japan?

"Putting an antenna" and "stepping out of the comfort zone" are two important things.

The reason why "installing an antenna" is important is that in order to obtain information, you must first install an antenna before you can enter.

The second "stepping out of the comfort zone" is something that I think will give you a lot of new experiences when you enter university, but it's difficult to talk about it first when no one else knows you. But that step is important.

I think it's difficult not only for myself but also for the other person to speak, so I think it's okay to be the person who speaks.

First of all, it is important to take a step forward.

Coincidentally, this "forward" is a symbolic word that has been passed down for a long time at Meiji University.

(Interview / shooting: July 19, 2021)

Information Information


Meiji University (MEIJI UNIVERSITY)


"International education office"

Ground Floor 2-1, Kaneda Subwayai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8301, Tokyo

日本国内から:TEL 03-3296-4144 / FAX 03-3296-4360

From abroad: TEL + 81-3-3296-4144 / + 81-3-3296-4360


URL: https://www.meiji.ac.jp/cip/prospective/index.html

The person who wrote this article


アクセス日本留学Editorial Department.アクセス日本留学" where foreign students can request materials to find Japanese schools, and hold "advancement information sessions for foreign students".

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