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UPDATE | February 01, 2022

[For Japanese language schools] Why don't you teach Japanese through manga at "Trial Manga Library"?

We will explain the service provided by ACCESS NEXTAGE Co., Ltd. x Book Off Corporation to Japanese language schools to provide Japanese language learning opportunities through manga!

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Q: What is [Trial Manga Library]?
A: A:Book Off Corporation provides a manga book installation service for Japanese language schools so that international students can learn Japanese through manga.

Q: How can I use it?
A: A:Please lend a sample book to an international student. If you have an international student who wants to continue the publication, you can purchase it at "BOOK-OFF Online"! Please tell me.

There must be many students who have started studying Japanese and studied abroad as a result of Japanese anime and manga.
Why don't you set up a "Trial Manga Library" in your school so that you can enjoy studying Japanese with manga and get a chance to learn everyday conversations?
If you want to read more, you can easily order online!
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▼ Installation flow

● 10 titles, 1 volume each / 10 volumes in total, set up as a "trial manga library"
* Titles will be selected at Book Off

● If you want to read the second and subsequent volumes, order from "BOOK-OFF Online"
・ By ordering online, the product will be delivered to your home (you can also order by school).
・ Because it is second-hand, it can be purchased at a low price (1 manga book: 110 yen or more).
・ There are more than 4 million products!
・ If you do not know how to order online, you can also contact us by phone or email.
* We will respond in easy Japanese.

▼ Application procedure

● [[Contact information] Please contact us. We will deliver the following within 10 days after receiving your application.

● Shipments
・ Comic (1 volume each for 10 titles / 10 volumes in total)
・ Laminated leaflets to be posted at the installation location of [Trial Manga Library]
・ Ordering method manual * If you wish to distribute to students, we will send you the leaflet data for distribution *

* Each school is responsible for lending operations.
* If you have any questions, please contact Book Off Corporation.

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Q: Is it possible to select 10 trial titles at school?
A: We do not accept it. Select by Book Off.

Q: When ordering for each student, can I send it to the school Street address?
A: Yes, there is no problem. Membership registration will be your name and home Street address, but you can register the delivery address of the ordered product separately.

Q: Can I order the school as a whole?
A: We also accept orders as school books and have a track record. Please contact us first if you need it. I would like to ask you a detailed story.

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Bookoff Online International Student Counter
045-924-0274(平日 10:00~17:00)

Information Information


Book Off Corporation Co., Ltd.

Book Off Official Website:https://www.bookoff.co.jp/

Company Information (Book Off Group Holdings Co., Ltd.):https://www.bookoffgroup.co.jp/corporate/outline.html

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