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UPDATE | February 01, 2021

Let's use Japanese multilingual media for different purposes

I want to find out about Japan, but many people are in trouble because they don't understand Japanese. In this article, we will introduce web media and apps that provide information on Japan in many languages. About Japanese news, current Japanese society, tourism information, and studying abroad in Japan ... The site you see will change depending on what you want to find out.

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● Lots of information on Japan and foreign countries "nippon.com"


Supported languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese

Website: nippon.com (https://www.nippon.com/ja/

The current situation is that there is still little information sent from Japan to overseas. Most of them are translated in English or Chinese. However, "nippon.com" has been translated into Arabic and Russian as well as English, Chinese, French and Spanish, which are used all over the world.

You can find out not only Japanese news but also foreign news that is attracting attention in Japan. It also contains information on Japanese politics, culture, and current Japanese society, and is characterized by a video page.

Many people are now wondering how the coronavirus affects Japanese society. Such information is also available in multiple languages as soon as possible.


● "ON THE TRIP" where the app becomes a tourist guide


Supported languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese

Website: ON THE TRIP (https://on-the-trip.com/

Whether you are Japanese or a foreigner, you may travel and see things you do not know. However, it is often difficult to understand what kind of history it has and what it means.

"ON THE TRIP" allows tourist guides to be viewed on smartphones and listen to audio. When you download the app, the name and photo of the tourist spot will appear, so click it and press "Tour Start".

Beautiful pictures will appear for each location and will be explained in text and audio. If you walk with earphones on, the world may look different. A map also comes out and it is convenient to know where you are explaining.

● A must-see for international students! "アクセス日本留学"


Supported languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Hindi, Japanese, Easy Japanese


アクセス日本留学" you are looking at right now is ideal when you want to find out about events for international students and Japanese universities and Professional Training College

When I am a teacher at a Japanese language school, I am often asked, "I'm looking for a place to go to school, but I'm not sure where to go." If you have such a question, take a look at this web media first. Schools Guidance for International Students open campus guide, and an application guide once you have decided which school you want to go to.

If you haven't studied abroad yet, the "Let's study abroad in Japan" page is also useful. There is also information on the climate of Japan's four seasons, the characteristics of each region, the types of study abroad in Japan, and Professional Training College

● Get to know Japan in a language you understand

If you give up saying "I don't understand Japanese anyway", I only know the information that I can get in my country. The fastest and most accurate way to learn more about new information about Japan is to look at Japanese web media. Let's use multilingual media for different purposes.

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アクセス日本留学Editorial Department.アクセス日本留学" where foreign students can request materials to find Japanese schools, and hold "advancement information sessions for foreign students".

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