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UPDATE | 5 March 05, 2019

3 reasons why you should start a "school search" right now

I want to study in Japan because I like Japan, but I haven't studied what kind of study or school it is. To all foreign students. Start your school search now. Here are the three reasons why you should start your school search right away.

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● Why have not you started "school search" yet?

Foreign international students are thinking that choosing Japan for study abroad for various reasons and studying Japanese everyday. Among them are: "I want to go to a Japanese school because I would like to live in Japan but I can not decide what I want to study concretely", "a person who is troublesome to find a school and has not done anything yet" Is not there not a few at all?

Or, regardless of your interests "If you acquire knowledge and skills to earn a lot of money in the future, you can be in any field or school," "If you can continue your current part-time job, There are also people who think that "We do not care about it."

However, for any reason, if you go on to school in Japan, you must start "school search" right now.

There are many universities and Professional Training College Japan, each with a difference such as "research field", "skill acquired" "location", "educational policy" and so on. Also, since many schools in Japan are private schools, there are various Tuition that must be paid by the school you enroll. Whichever school you enter, it is not the same.

In addition, schools where you will pass the examination in the future and go on to higher education will go every day and become a place to spend a long time.

In other words, finding a school that suits your needs over time is very important so that you can live a comfortable study life even a little.


● Reason why you must start school search now 1

【It is very hard to attend a school that does not suit you】

If you choose a school that does not suit you, what will happen?

If you choose a school in a field that you are not interested in, you may lose your motivation to study everyday and you may find it hard to attend school.

If you choose a school where the tuition fee is too high, or if you do not meet the conditions for receiving scholarships, you may not be able to pay tuition to the school you go to.

If support to foreign international students is not so substantial, you may not be able to find a person who can consult when there is something you do not understand or when you have troubles, or you may have to do difficult procedure yourself.

In the worst case, it may be necessary to quit school without leaving school, due to the fact that the number of attendance days is not enough to go to school and the tuition fee can not be paid, you may have to return to your country .

Whether it is a school suited to you or not, you can only decide for yourself.

It is because you only know the condition you want to prioritize for schools like what kind of school you feel easy to spend.

Combining various methods, such as school brochures and websites, briefing seminars, open campuses and experiencing entrance exams, it is very time consuming to investigate a lot of schools.

Starting school search from early days is the first step to find a good school.

● Reason why you must start school search now 2

[Preparation for taking the exam is very time consuming]

Entrance Examination Japanese universities and Professional Training College will be conducted for each school. Therefore, the documents necessary for the examination differ from school to school, and there are multiple documents that must be submitted to one school, so as the number of schools to take the exams increases, more must be prepared not.

Some necessary documents may include items that need to be ordered from your country and those that take time to issue.

Also, you also have to prepare lots of things. Completely prepare the content to be written in advance, such as application form and reasons to apply, write a number of documents one by one with handwriting, go through the exam fee by the specified date, prepare photos etc. There are a lot of things to do before mailing to the school where you take the exam and taking the exam.

It is very hard, but we can not take the exam if we are short of preparations.

It is necessary to be able to prepare from early so that the examination could not be received in time by the deadline, and not to be able to take the examination.

● Reason why you should start school search now 3

[Since there are cases where the reception will be terminated if the number exceeds the capacity limit]

For Japanese universities and Professional Training College , the number of students who can enroll in that year is determined.

If you wish to go on to university, the exam date is limited so you will not exceed the capacity and you can not receive the exam itself, but if you want to go to a Professional Training College Be careful when you do.

Entrance Examination at Professional Training College will start accepting entries from June around early schools, and applications will be accepted from August. Entrance Examination also starts from this period, and every successive examination will be decided for each exam. Therefore, if many students gather at an early time and become capacity, we will finish recruiting students long before the day of application deadline written in the application guidelines.

Years, foreign students wishing to study abroad in Japan are increasing. On the other hand, the number of Professional Training College has not increased.

For that reason, because there was a delay in starting a school search, there are a certain number of foreign students each year who can not receive the exam even though they finally found the school they want to take.

In other words, even if there is enough academic ability to pass the school, there is a possibility that a difference in acceptance may be born just because the time to decide the school to take the exam is late.

As soon as you start school search, there are lots of good things.

If you do not know how to investigate, we will introduce "point of choosing school" and "how to gather school information", so please refer to school search now as a reference.

> Join the briefing session for admission

> Search schools by specifying conditions

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