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UPDATE | February 18, 2021

Introducing site conversion tools! What is "Easy Japanese"? Cases and benefits

Have you ever heard the word "easy Japanese"? It is a very useful word for both international students and Japanese people involved in international students. Let's know its features and cases and use it for daily communication.

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● What is "Easy Japanese"?

"Easy Japanese" is simple Japanese that is easy to understand and understand to anyone, including foreigners, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities who have insufficient Japanese proficiency. It is characterized by writing in short and concise grammar and using furigana and simple words, and has two meanings: easy words and friendly to the other person.

Many foreigners are living in Japan now.

As the number of foreigners increases, there are more opportunities for Japanese and foreigners to work and learn together, and for people with various languages and cultures to communicate with each other, such as at work and school.

However, not all foreigners living in Japan understand Japanese at the same level as Japanese people.

Why was easy Japanese born?

At the time of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, many foreigners living in Japan were isolated because they could not understand Japanese or English and could not obtain the information necessary to live. From that experience, even people with insufficient Japanese proficiency can obtain information, and easy Japanese was born with the aim of living with a wide variety of people.

Compared to other languages, Japanese has more words and is said to be a very difficult language because it uses a mixture of hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Especially for foreigners in areas other than the Kanji-speaking area, Japanese Kanji, which has on-yomi and kun-yomi, is very difficult.

further,"Japanese is difficult? Hard to understand? -Let's know the characteristics of Japanese grammar-As introduced in ", there are also unique grammatical difficulties.

Under such circumstances, "Easy Japanese" is the one that enables smooth communication.


● Conversion example of "Easy Japanese"

So how do you actually convert it to easy Japanese? Here are some examples of easy Japanese conversion for each of the three scenes: school, part-time job, and hospital.

<< Case 1 >> Easy Japanese often used in schools


<< Case 2 >> Easy Japanese used in part-time jobs


<< Case 3 >> Easy Japanese used in hospitals


I think that "necessary matters" and "lateness" are words that are often used in scenes other than those mentioned in the examples. If you are not conscious of it, the idioms you use may actually be difficult to convey.



アクセス日本留学This easy-to-use Japanese conversion tool has also been introduced for studying in Japan. There is a conversion button at the bottom left of the page, so please convert and read this page as well.

≪Main functions of conversion tool≫

  • ・ Easy Japanese localization of website
  • -Easy Japanese manuscript creation support function on the management screen
  • -Easy Japanese manuscript image, PDF, HTML export function
  • ・ Furigana creation function
  • -Easy Japanese, custom dictionary registration function for Furigana

The biggest attraction of the conversion tool is that you can easily translate your website into Japanese just by introducing it.

You can use the current website as it is without creating new content or writing ruby text on the website data, and you can introduce it immediately.

Professional Training College, and Japanese language educational institutions where many international students are enrolled, but also for local governments, hospitals, and recruitment websites.


● Success stories incorporating easy Japanese

アクセス日本留学Introducing examples of initiatives using easy Japanese in studying in Japan.




This is a website that provides information on going on to higher education and events for international students.

It is used by foreigners who are planning to study in Japan before coming to Japan and international students who are enrolled in language schools in Japan. Since all of them are studying Japan, there are many users who can understand simple Japanese.










● Advantages and disadvantages of easy Japanese

The biggest merit is "easy to understand for everyone"

The biggest merit of easy Japanese is that it is easy for anyone to understand.

By eliminating difficult expressions, we can speedily provide information to many people regarding emergencies and difficult procedures.

In particular, educational institutions, local governments, and companies responsible for lifelines need to disseminate information with an awareness of foreigners. However, when it comes to creating new content for foreigners, there are limits to human resources.

As I mentioned in the example, many foreigners living in Japan can understand simple Japanese. Easy Japanese is useful for communicating information to as many people as possible without being bound by your mother tongue.

85% of international students answered that easy Japanese is "easy to understand"

ACCESS NEXTAGE Co., Ltd., which operatesアクセス日本留学in Japan, and Alpha Third Co., Ltd., which has a partnership with Access Nextage Co., Ltd.

When comparing multiple easy-to-understand Japanese and original texts for information on natural disasters, about 85% of international students answered that they were very easy to understand and understand.

As you can see from the results of this survey, it was found that easy Japanese is a word that is easier to convey for foreigners who are learning Japanese.


The disadvantage is that there is no clear standard for conversion

Guidelines for easy Japanese are published in various places including local governments.

≪There are three main points to convert to easy Japanese≫

  • ・ Shorten a sentence
  • ・ Add furigana
  • ・ Turn difficult words into simple words

As a rough guide, it is said that the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 to N4 level words and the grammar of the third grade of elementary school, but in fact, there is no clear standard. Since the idea of communicating appropriately according to the Japanese proficiency level of the other party is the basis, all the guidelines are limited to introducing points for conversion.

Some local governments have a paraphrase list for words related to disasters and administration, but many may not know how to convert them if they want to convey other information freely.

In such a case, it is effective to use the "Easy Japanese Conversion Tool" introduced earlier.

I would like to utilize easy Japanese with a gentle feeling while considering the culture and environment of the person I communicate with.

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