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UPDATE | March 04, 2020

[Life in Japan] Preparing to move for a new life

In Japan, March is the end of the school year. In March everyone is busy preparing for the next new life. Especially when it comes to moving, even Japanese are very troublesome to move, not to mention international students who are not good at Japanese. Since I was a former international student, when I moved, I often didn't know how to update my procedures, so I had a lot of trouble. Here, I would like to introduce some advice from my moving experience.

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● Preparation for moving

Speaking of moving, everyone will think of a moving company. In Japan, using a moving company requires a lot of money. This is especially difficult for international students who need to pay tuition and living expenses themselves.

If the moving luggage does not have large furniture, you can deliver the luggage through a post office or a shipping company such as Yamato Transport or Sagawa Express. Post offices sell cardboard boxes for packing luggage.

You can take it to a post office or a carrier's delivery location, or ask a courier to pick you up at home. In that case, please inform the delivery staff in advance of the number of packages and the time you want them to arrive. You can also specify the arrival time of your luggage. very convenient!

The amount depends on the number and distance of the luggage, but I think it is cheaper than asking a moving company.

If you have a lot of large furniture or luggage, you should still ask a moving company. You will be transported carefully to your new home, so you can rest assured.

When asking a contractor, first determine the number of luggage that your employees will come to your home to carry and the distance they will travel to your new home, and determine the type of truck and the number of staff required to work. There, the required amount is determined. Therefore, you may want to contact two or more movers for a price comparison.

Oversized garbage.jpg

● Waste disposal

Once you've decided on a moving company, you can start clearing up your luggage. Surely, a lot of garbage comes out.

In Japan, different types of garbage are available and littering is absolutely useless. Therefore, all households in Japan treat garbage according to the rules of where they live.

Large garbage (furniture, bedding, etc.) generated by moving must be disposed of according to local government rules. After purchasing a garbage disposal ticket, contact the garbage disposal center staff in advance and place the garbage at the designated place on the scheduled date. Don't throw it away!

* You can buy a refuse disposal ticket at convenience stores. Also, since the price changes depending on what kind of garbage you throw away, please check where you sell it and the price at the garbage disposal center or check the garbage disposal method of the area where you live on the Internet.

Notification of relocation.jpg

● Update of procedure

When moving from an old house to a new Street address, don't forget to give a [Notice of moving out] and [Notice of moving in]. Especially when moving to another city or ward.

Once you have decided on the date of your move and the location of your new home, you must first go to the city (ward) government office where your old Street address is and issue a [Notice of moving out]. This is to inform staff in the area of the old Street address that you will leave this area. Then, you will be sent a [Transfer Notification] to the city (ward) office of the new Street address. It means to inform staff in this area that you will be a resident of this area.

The period for issuing [Notification of moving out] and [Notification of moving in] differs depending on the city (ward) office, but the basis is two weeks before and after moving. You should check with the city (ward) office in advance. At that time, the resident card of the foreigner is also updated. Foreign nationals with a driver's license must go to the police station in their new place of residence and update their driver's license Street address. In addition, please change your new Street address to meet your needs, such as your usual bank credit card or membership card.

The post office also has a transfer service. If you notify the post office of your local post office, you will be transferred to the old Street address for one year free of charge to the new Street address.

Moving is a hassle everywhere, regardless of country or region. But after a troublesome move, you will greet your new life. It is important to be prepared in advance when there is a major change, without panic. If you are not sure, ask your teacher or senior. Also, do not forget when you move!

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