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UPDATE | May 07, 2020

Let's read the news in easy Japanese

Newspapers that Japanese people read every day and TV news they watch. "You can't read or see Japanese news just like Japanese people yet." News written in easy Japanese for foreigners and Japanese elementary and middle school students There is a website called "WEB EASY" (NHK).

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● What is "NEWS WEB EASY"?

NEWS WEB EASYIs produced by the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK). NHK is a public broadcasting station in Japan, so you can know the correct news quickly.

It is also very convenient because you can learn new information about Japan while studying Japanese. You can enjoy reading at home.

"NEWS WEB EASY" is a website created by a Japanese teacher and NHK reporters, thinking "What kind of Japanese is easy for foreigners to understand?"

Foreigners studying Japanese are not the only ones reading this. Actually, Japanese children who don't understand difficult Japanese still read "NEWS WEB EASY".


● You don't have to understand how to read kanji or the meaning of words

There are various things that foreigners have trouble with reading Japanese. One of them is Kanji. If you don't know how to read, you may find it difficult to study Japanese comprehension, or you may not be able to read the comprehension sentence.

"NEWS WEB EASY" is written in hiragana above the kanji. If you don't want to read Hiragana, click the "Erase reading of Kanji" button above the article, and the reading of Hiragana will disappear and only Kanji will be displayed.

If you have a word you don't know and a line is under it, try touching it with your mouse cursor (or your finger on a smartphone). Meaning comes out, so it is safe for beginners and N3 level students.

You can learn the meaning of kanji and words while reading the "NEWS WEB EASY" article.

● You can also practice listening comprehension

Above all of the articles, there is a button that erases the reading of kanji and a button that listens to the news.

If you want to practice listening comprehension, press the "Listen to news" button. You can listen to Japanese with the same content as the article. It is safe for beginners as they speak slowly and can listen while stopping.

Many foreigners say that they are good at listening even though they are not good at reading. Before you read it, start listening to the news.

● First, let's read only the new news

Suddenly it's hard to read all the news on "NEWS WEB EASY". Don't hurry, read the top news first.

Click on the title to get the most recent news.

Let's read one article a day. It is important to continue every day rather than overdoing it and reading a lot at once.

However, when you reach the N2 level (intermediate level), you may feel that the news on "NEWS WEB EASY" is "too easy".

In that case, press the "Read the normal news" button at the bottom of the article. You can go to the "NHK NEWS WEB" home page for Japanese and read articles that Japanese adults are reading.

● "アクセス日本留学" also has a "friendly Japanese" button

From April 2020, this website "アクセス日本留学" can also be read in easy Japanese.

If you are on a computer, click the left side of the screen, or if you are on a smartphone, click the lower left corner to display the "Easy Japanese" button.

Nowadays, even though I want to study Japanese, my Japanese language school is closed or I can't study Japanese outside.

Learn Japanese at home while staying up to date on the latest information about Japan using "NEWS WEB EASY" and "アクセス日本留学".




The person who wrote this article

Rio Wakabayashi

Free writer who likes reading. Born and raised in Osaka and moved to Tokyo in 2010. He writes articles, book reviews, and columns. Currently, while writing, she teaches Japanese to foreigners at a Japanese language school in Tokyo.

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