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UPDATE | January 09, 2019

“Scholarship” guide for international students

Japan's reluctant, excellent foreign students, international students, and various international organizations Scholarship Program Apply meaning. Self-disciplinary system, use of research, study of academic commemoration, environmental adjustment.

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● What is a scholarship?

Scholarship is a system that will support excellent students for money to devote to Tuition and living expenses. There are various organizations, there are restrictions on application depending on age, area, origin and education completion stage. In order to receive scholarships, we need to receive a selection. Moreover, in principle it is not possible to receive multiple scholarships.


● Application method

(1) First of all, let's look for a scholarship you will be eligible for.

Entrants' qualifications and conditions may be specified finely for each scholarship. Depending on what kind of field you will learn with the scholarship payment, there are differences in payment amount and payment period. Please contact the scholarship organization through school to get the materials, check the details and find the Scholarship Program suitable for yourself.

(2) Let's take a screening exam for scholarship recipients.

Please fill in the application form for receiving the scholarship you received and submit it with the necessary documents. There are items to apply through the school teacher you are currently attending and to apply directly to scholarship groups. Let 's confirm with the terms and contacts beforehand. The screening examination is mostly the case of document review only, but there are cases where interviews and written exams are conducted.

(3) Selection result

The results of the selection will be notified from the scholarship organization or the school teacher you are attending now. If you pass, please do the necessary procedure within the period.

● Types of Scholarships


(1) Scholarships by the Japanese government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) * Government scholarship international students

Foreign international students who are awarded a scholarship from the Japanese government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) are called "government-sponsored foreign students".

Seven types of Japanese government Scholarship Program are prepared according to major field and conditions. Each age limit is established.

① "International students" Students who are equivalent to university graduates and conduct research related to them

② "Teacher Study International Student" For students equivalent to university graduation involved in school education

③ "Undergraduate International Student" Applicants for undergraduate international students equivalent to high school graduation

④ " Professional Training College international students" Applicants for high Professional Training College (mechanical, electric, architectural, etc.) international students equivalent to high school graduation

⑤ "Senshu school international student" High school For international students corresponding to graduation and vocational school (industrial · education · home economics · culture etc)

⑥ "Japanese-Japanese Cultural Study International Student" For international students enrolled in undergraduate undergraduate studies majoring in Japanese culture

⑦ Applied to "Young Leaders Program (YLP) International Student" practitioners and administrative officials of Asian countries

How to apply is (1) a method of doing it from your home country via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Embassy Recommendation), (2) a method to do through a Japanese university as a new studying applicant before your visit to Japan (university recommendation), (3) enrolled in a Japanese university There are three types of methods to be done through the university (domestic adoption).

However, most of the recruitment is from outside Japan (1) (2) before the visit to Japan. Research college students only (3) Domestic recruitment is also available, but recruitment may not be conducted depending on budget and other circumstances.

Please check the announcement of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for details such as amount and period.

(2) Scholarship of the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

Scholarship for the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) "International Student Acceptance Promotion Program" is for students enrolled in Japanese graduate schools (including research students), universities / junior colleges (including international student departments), tertiary Professional Training College (over 3 years) "Japanese private scholarship students" enrolled in Japanese language educational institutions and preparatory curriculums in Japan are eligible.

There are no restrictions on fields, origin, or age, but there are restrictions on the recommendation from schools where they enroll and the monthly amount of remittance. The maximum payment amount is 48,000 yen per month, and the term of payment is one year. Although it is a scholarship to apply from within Japan after coming to Japan, there is also a system to reserve scholarships for those who completed excellent results in the EJU (EJU) Even before.

If you wish to apply, let 's fill in the ○ in the prescribed column of the application form for the EJU (EJU). Scholarship benefit candidates will be selected from among the outstanding grades and will be sent to the person who decided as a reserver "notification letter of recommendation letter of recommendation for foreign students to study for MEXT". The EJU examination number will also be posted on the website. Let's take and pass the target Japanese school within the period and report the admission to the JASSO from the internet. After that, if you submit a reservation decision notice and an admission notice to the school you are enrolled in, you will receive a scholarship through the school.

In addition, there is also a system of "Agreement Acceptance Scholarship" targeting foreign students from overseas exchange agreements etc. within 8 to 1 year, which is relatively short term.

Please check the scholarship information of the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) for details.

(3) Scholarship of school

The school you are taking the examination or the school you are enrolled in may have its own Scholarship Program.

Many of the scholarships to be decided before entering the university will be adopted by the beneficiaries of students who have excellent results in the EJU (EJU) or the original exam contents of the school at the time of taking the exam. There are various institutions prepared by the school, such as fixed amount system and some or all of the tuition fee. Strictly speaking, it is a system separate from scholarships, but some schools have tuition waiver exemption and exemption reduction systems for excellent grades. You may want to investigate when selecting the school you will take the examination.

Some schools offer scholarships aimed at supporting students who are ambitiously studying after entering the university. In many cases there is no public recruitment system, in which case excellent grades are nominated as beneficiaries. In addition, we may be preparing aid as relief measures when economic assistance is needed for studying abroad. In any case, a person who is superior both in academic and innovative is chosen, so if you wish to receive benefits, encourage studying and live a better life as an international student.

(4) Regional and private scholarships

There is also a Scholarship Program for foreign students conducted by local governments and related international exchange organizations and private organizations. In addition to the origin, age, field of study, etc., original conditions such as current residential area and enrolled school are set up. Most of the time you apply from within Japan after your visit to Japan. If your life in Japan is settled, you may want to check the scholarship of the area etc.

Scholarships are programs that support students who are promising, excellent and economical in the future.

If you can receive a scholarship, you can use it for part of Tuition , living expenses, travel expenses etc, but it does not burden you all the expenses necessary for study abroad. Please make use of the system while making an unreasonable scholarship fund plan without relieving your scholarship, and send a fulfilling studying life in Japan.

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