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UPDATE | January 16, 2019

“How to Gather Japanese School Information” Guide for International Students

It is very important to select the school that suits you and to collect the information necessary for taking the entrance exam to improve your education. Here's how to get information about going on to school. In addition to consulting with the teachers at your current school, collect information actively.

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Japanese school information for foreign international students can be obtained in various places.

By using a combination of various information sources without using only one thing such as website, booklet, briefing sessions, we can investigate the school in more detail. Let's use each tool well and find a convincing school.

● Admission Information Magazine

If you want to compare the information of many schools, let's read the educational information magazine.

It helps to quickly compare the Entrance Examination schedule and Tuition . There is a limit in the space where schools are introduced, and the amount of information per school is restricted, probably the most important information and the information that the school wants to know the most is posted. If you have an interesting school, let's visit school official website and open campus and collect detailed information.

There are many cases where educational information magazines are placed as materials in the course instruction room and lounge of Japanese language institutions. It is very convenient because you can search schools from the fields and places you want to study at " アクセス日本留学 BOOK". Please take it in your hand.


● Admission information website

The admission information website is also very convenient to compare the information of many schools.

Just by checking the fields and places you want to study and other sticking conditions, we will propose a school that is right for you. I might be able to meet a school that I could not find before.

You can also go to other detailed information gathering methods such as requesting materials, introducing to school official website, introducing schedule of open campus. In addition, since information useful for foreign students is being sent out, it is one of the recommended information collection methods for people who are still wondering what kind of school they want to go yet.

> Search schools by specifying conditions

● Briefing session for joint advancement

Joint Join the briefing session for admission is also one of the recommended information collection methods.

Without going to school, we can talk with each other at the school's staff. Especially, it is a very good opportunity to hear the story of a distant school that you can not visit easily. If you have a field you want to study or a field of interest but you do not have an applicant school, let's compare it by listening to stories from multiple schools or asking the same questions. You should find a school that suits you.

> Join the briefing session for admission

● School Information · Application Guidelines

If you find a school of your interest, please request a document.

We will have certain information such as this year's entrance examination, Tuition and scholarship information. In fact, let 's receive school information and other materials without fail for schools that we decided to apply. There are many schools that make school information for foreign students. You may also ask the school of conditions close to the school you care about and compare it by requesting materials from another school where you can study the same field. If you want to check it immediately, let's consult the school teacher you are going through. Perhaps it is already in the school library.

Requests for materials can be made from the official website of each school or from the website for admission information such as " アクセス日本留学 " etc.

● School's official website

Each school's website also has certain information as well as school information.

Since there are many cases for foreign students to prepare for the candidates for exams, be careful searching. There may be information that can not be obtained from materials such as seniors' interview and videos, school guidance etc. Some schools operate pages that are compatible with languages other than Japanese and SNS. Regarding the exam information, please be aware that the information of the previous year may be posted before the exam time is over.

● Open campus and school information meeting

If you are interested in finding schools and areas of interest, let's visit actively.

In higher education institutions in Japan, almost all schools offer free events for students who wish to take the exams. In order to know the school's atmosphere and to know exactly what you can study it is best to go to school indeed. Some schools receive an application only when they visit the school directly.

In some cases, you may qualify to take an AO entrance examiner only when you actually visit the school on an open campus or the like. The important thing is to summarize what you want to check at school before actually participating in the event. When observation and explanation is over, let us positively ask questions that are worrisome. Take photos and notes so that you can compare them later with other schools or consult with your teacher.

In the admission information website " アクセス日本留学 ", we introduce how to utilize open campus in a lump. Let's check once before going to the open campus.

● International Student Support Organization (JASSO · JEES etc)

If you would like to know about the MEXT scholarship, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), the EJU Examination Exam (EJU) etc, please visit the official website of international student support organizations that are carrying out them.


Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

4-5-29 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8503



EJU Examination (EJU)

4-5-29 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8503




BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test

551 Southern Gion Toho Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 605-0074



TEL: 0120-509-315 (Only in Japan)

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Foreign Students Enrollment Fee

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

International Scholarship Division International Scholarship Division (in charge of learning incentive fee)

2-2-1 Aoyama, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135-8630



Scholarship information

Japan Student Services Organization


※ For scholarships to be implemented by each school or group, please contact the school office directly.

When you get lost about school going to school or when you are interested in a school or an area you want to learn, use multiple tools such as briefing sessions, information magazines, and websites to investigate school information. Doing information gathering will be a shortcut for passing, as well as collecting school selections and admission information that suits yourself. Please actively collect information with multiple means and find the school and entrance examination method that best suits you

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