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UPDATE | May 31, 2019

[Academic Information] "Schools Guidance for International Students" Application Guide-Venue-

"Schools Guidance for International Students International students from all over the world, graduate schools, universities, junior colleges, Professional Training College This is an event where you can consult directly with the entrance examination adviser. Please prepare well in advance and do one day to help your career choice.

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The "Joint Aid" is very useful when you are looking for a school.

The school entrance briefing session is an event where many entrance advisors of the school gather in one place and hear the consultation and trouble about your school entrance. By participating in this event, you can gather a lot of information in one day.

here,"アクセス日本留学 Fair 'Schools Guidance for International Students We introduce introduction guide (the meeting place version) of "".


● STEP 1: Attendance reservation

"Schools Guidance for International Students The person who participates in アクセス日本留学 Please make a reservation for attendance from the Events page of. If you make a reservation, you will be able to enter the venue immediately.

Select the briefing you want to attend on the Events page and tap the "Join" button. When choosing, be careful not to confuse the place and the date.

After selecting the briefing you want, follow the instructions on the page to email address, name, Street address Register etc.

> Join the briefing session for admission

● STEP2: Confirmation of QR code

Once you have made a reservation, you will receive a QR code for participation by e-mail.

Open the email application and check if the QR code has arrived. [QR code] is written in the mail title.

The received QR code will be used when entering, interviewing, and leaving the briefing session, so be prepared to display it as soon as it arrives at the venue.

[If you did not receive an email]

1Please check your spam (SPAM) folder

Within 2 apps "アクセス日本留学 Please search for the email you received from

3 Please tell the staff at the entrance that the QR code can not be reached

● STEP 3: Entrance procedure

・ Person who does participation reservation (visit attendance reservation)

Please prepare the QR code of STEP1 next to the “Within reservation” column (a column with a yellow panel).

When the order for admission comes, please point the screen of your smartphone to iPad so that the QR code appears on the screen of the iPad installed at the entrance.

Once your name is displayed, you can enter.

・ Person who did not do participation reservation (visit attendance reservation)

Please arrange in the column “No arrival reservation” (the row with the blue panel on the left of the photo).

On your smartphone before admission (while waiting for long lines)アクセス日本留学 Search for "," and make a reservation for participation in STEP1.

・ A person who does not have a smartphone, a person who does not have an email address

Please fill out the paper registration form at the entrance and then enter.

・ The person who has lost the charge of the smartphone

Please contact the staff at the entrance if you have already made a reservation for STEP1.

● STEP 4: Check the Booth Guide

After the entrance procedure, let's take a look at the "Booth Guide" we got at the entrance.

Each school has a table that shows the areas you can learn and the location of the school. First of all, find a school with a ● in your desired field. If you also care about the location of the school when choosing a school, please also check the "location prefecture" written on the far right.

If you find a school that has your desired field, check the "Booth No" written on the left side of the table and find the same location in the map.

Once in that place, you can talk to the entrance adviser of your desired school.

● STEP 5: Start of the interview

When you arrive at the booth you wish to interview, if there are a lot of people waiting, wait quietly until your turn comes.

When your turn comes, please display your QR code on the screen of the iPad placed in the booth as well as the entrance. Once that is over, it's time to start an interview.


Please show the QR code at every school you interview.

If you do not have a QR code, please pass the "Registration Form" written at the entrance to the person in charge of interviewing the school.

In the interview, what kind of study can you do, Entrance Examination Ask for anything about what you want to talk about, such as a consultation on a scholarship, a consultation on a scholarship, etc. The entrance adviser will answer your questions carefully one by one.

This is an opportunity to talk directly about your questions, so it's a good idea to search the web and ask what you want to hear before you arrive.

"アクセス日本留学 There is also a lot of information on the school, so it is recommended that you look for the school you want to interview or look at the information of the school you would like to have an interview with, etc. .

> Search schools by specifying conditions

● STEP6: The end of the interview

When the interview is over, have one sticker put on the interview sticker attachment column on the surface of the “Booth Guide”. In particular, people who are eligible for transportation support should make sure that they receive this sticker.

Meet as many schools as you can and collect a lot of stickers.


Lastly, I would like to reiterate some of the points that will make the best use of the presentation meeting.

1 It is possible to enter without waiting for a long time in advance reservation (visiting reservation)

2QR code will be used during the briefing session, so be prepared to put it out anytime

3 The content you want to ask in the school or interview you want to interview is decided before the visit

"Schools Guidance for International Students"Is a valuable opportunity to gather a lot of school information in one day.

Make sure to prepare in advance and participate with purpose. I hope that it will be a useful day for your career choice.

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アクセス日本留学Editorial Department.アクセス日本留学" where foreign students can request materials to find Japanese schools, and hold "advancement information sessions for foreign students".

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