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UPDATE | May 31, 2019

[Academic Information] "Schools Guidance for International Students" Usage Guide-Advance Preparation-

"Schools Guidance for International Students University, graduate school, junior college, Professional Training College Direct consultation with our admissions adviser is very effective in finding the right course for you. Here is a summary of what you want to prepare before attending the briefing. Be prepared in advance in order to help you choose your course. Schools Guidance for International Students Let's join "

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The "Joint Aid" is very useful when you are looking for a school.

The school entrance briefing session is an event where many entrance advisors of the school gather in one place and hear the consultation and trouble about your school entrance. In order to make the most of the interviews for you, it is necessary to prepare well before joining.

here,"アクセス日本留学 Fair 'Schools Guidance for International Students We introduce introduction guide (preparations) of "".


● POINT 1: Prepare your belongings in advance

On the day of the briefing session, many schools and prospective students will gather at the venue. Organize your belongings in advance so that you do not miss valuable opportunities.

1 QR code

2 writing instruments

3 notepad and notebook

4 Resident card etc Street address To understand

A bag containing the 5A4 booklet

6 Other documents (only when the person has been given in advance from school)

1 QR code

"Schools Guidance for International Students In ", we use QR code at the time of reception desk and interview with school.

web site "アクセス日本留学 Please make a reservation for attendance from the Events page of Once you have made a reservation, you will receive a QR code for the explanatory meeting participation at the registered e-mail address.

【How to make a reservation】


Select the briefing you want to attend on the Events page and tap the "Join" button. When choosing, be careful not to confuse the place and the date.

After selecting the briefing you want, follow the instructions on the page to email address, name, Street address Register etc.

> Join the briefing session for admission


Once you have made a reservation, you will receive a QR code for participation by e-mail.

Open the email application and check if the QR code has arrived. [QR code] is written in the mail title.

Please be prepared to receive the QR code as soon as it arrives at the venue.

・ Please check spam mail (SPAM) folder

・ In the application "アクセス日本留学 Please search for the email you received from

・ Please inform the staff at the entrance that the QR code can not be reached

In addition, let's not forget that person bringing QR code with smartphone and tablet charges enough.

2 writing instruments · 3 notepad · notebook

When interviewing at the booth, you will hear a lot of important things, such as the conditions needed to pass the exam and the schedule of future exams. There are also many schools that accept open campus applications at schools. Prepare a pen, a notebook, a notebook, etc. so that you can make notes anytime.

4 Resident card etc Street address To understand

When you are in consultation with a school entrance examination adviser, you will be able to send you important things for going on to school, such as materials for taking an exam or an open campus guide. Street address You may be asked

correct Street address If you do not know, future guidance may not reach. It's been a while since I moved Street address Anxious people who can write correctly Street address It is safe to have something that you can check.

A bag containing the 5A4 booklet

At the school booth, you will receive a lot of documents such as brochures and event information. It is useful to bring a large bag, such as a tote bag or backpack, with many A4 booklets.

6 Other documents

If you have registration documents, transportation expenses support vouchers, booth guides, and other documents provided by a Japanese language school teacher in advance, let's not forget this.

● POINT 2: What you want to think about before participation

Consider what you want to hear in advance so that you can consult smoothly when speaking with your school entrance adviser. Not only listening to the exam schedule and details, but also what sort of course you want to go, let's think well once and organize your hope.

考 え る Think about your own hope

What do you want to study in Japan? What kind of work do you want to do in the future? Do you want to work in Japan after graduation or do you wish to take advantage of what you have learned in your home country?

On the day of the briefing session, many schools gather at the venue. In order to meet the school that suits you, let's first think about your own hope.

考 え る think about your condition

The school wants to know you as well as you want to talk to the school. Scores for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and Japan Study Abroad Examination, and how much you want to improve your academic ability, Tuition Organize future plans and conditions, such as how you plan to pay and if you can move it.

考 え る Consider which school to consult

On the day, there are many graduate schools, universities, junior colleges, professional universities, Professional Training College Will gather.

It is also effective to check in advance the schools you want to join, and to add the school you want to talk to. It is useful to check the participating schools from the event page. The participating schools are web sites アクセス日本留学 You can check it from "View participating schools" below the schedule you want to attend on the Events page.

> Confirm participating schools

"Schools Guidance for International Students Are you ready to participate?

Prepare well and find the right school for you! I hope that it will be a meaningful presentation for you.

See you at the venue on the day!

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