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UPDATE | August 25, 2021

Are you interested in studying in Japan? Join us for free

Online information sessions about Japanese universities that can be attended from Europe

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Online information session about Japanese universities

Which course to choose, how to register, etc. Find out everything you want to know about courses in English at the top three universities in Japan.

■ Schedule and time

Saturday, March 5, 2022
9:30 am (scheduled to end at 11:30 am)

* This session will be held in English only.
* Participation is free, but pre-registration is required.
Pre-registration? Please click here → Registration page

■ Program

・ 09: 30 ~ Introduction

・ 09: 40 ~ Hosei University presentation

・ 10: 20 ~ Ritsumeikan University presentation

・ 11: 00 ~ APU Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University presentation

■ Details of participating universities

・ Hosei University

・ Ritsumeikan University

Introduction of the Ritsumeikan Academy (YouTube)

・ Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

APU Campus / APU University Introduction (YouTube)

Ritsumeikan APU Learning in Motion [Japanese subtitles] (YouTube)

■ Registration (free)

To participate, please register on the next page in advance. →Registration page

On the day, you need to connect to the meeting through the account you create on the site.

We are waiting for your participation!

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アクセス日本留学Editorial Department.アクセス日本留学" where foreign students can request materials to find Japanese schools, and hold "advancement information sessions for foreign students".

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