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UPDATE | April 07, 2020

Frying a carp streamer- [Children's Day]

Have you ever heard a nursery rhyme beginning with "Yane Yori Takai Koinobori"? This is a singing of the Japanese Children's Day. In Japan, there is a holiday called "Children's Day" every May.

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Tender carp streamer from Yane

Big Mago is Otosan

Little children are children

Interestingly good

("Koinobori" lyrics: Miyako Kondo, composition: Kohei Koide)

Have you ever heard of this Japanese folk song? What I sang was a scene in which Koi-shaped flags were displayed at various places on Children's Day.

Many countries set a blessing day for their children. Internationally it will be June 1st, but it may be on other days depending on the country.

From now on, I would like to introduce "Japan Children's Day".



● What is “Children's Day”?

Children's Day in Japan is May 5th every year.

We congratulate our children on their growth and growth. It also means thank my mother. And this day is one of the days that constitutes Golden Week.

On this day, many families hang the carp flag high. The period for decorating is not specified, but it is from about mid April to the end of May Golden Week. Everyone, please look for the Koi flag in the meantime.

I think many foreigners know that many Japanese people take a bath every day. There are many types of bath salts for enjoying a bath. And there is a special bath salt on Children's Day. This is Shobuyu.

There is a plant called iris that grows in the water such as rivers and ponds. On Children's Day, it is often used in hot water containing iris leaves. The leaves of irises have a scent and are said to drive away bad things and diseases from old times. This scent seems to have a relaxing effect on the body. Why don't you try it too?

Koi.jpg thumbnail image

● Why decorate the carp flag?

The fish called "Koi" has a very strong vitality. You can swim freely even in a fast-flowing river, and you will fall in waterfalls. Decorating the carp flag means asking the children to grow bigger and healthy like a carp.

Carp flags often come in three colors. And it seems that only homes with boys are displayed. The biggest and black carp is your father, the second largest and red carp is your mother, and the smallest blue carp is Musuko. Recently, carp flags in more colorful colors such as orange, purple, and pink are increasing, and there are even houses that decorate carp for the whole family including girls.

Kashiwa mochi.jpg

● Food for Children's Day

There will be special food on special days. Children's Day in Japan also has special foods to celebrate their children. Kashiwamochi has been eaten well since ancient times. Kashiwa mochi is a rice cake wrapped with Kashiwa leaves. The leaves do not fall until the next new shoot grows, which means that the offspring will be uninterrupted and many children can be made. In addition to Kashiwa Mochi, you can also eat chimaki, red rice, and chirashi sushi on this day. Everything has a meaning to ask the children to grow healthy.

I briefly introduced about Children's Day in Japan. Is it different from Children's Day in your country? Let's all tell children how to spend Japanese children's days to their children in their home countries and enrich their lives!

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