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UPDATE | April 07, 2020

外国人向け!N3レベルの日本語力で読める 日本の小説5選

With N3 level reading skills, there are many novels that can be enjoyed in Japanese as well as Japanese. When I read Japanese novels for the first time, I selected five novels that I would recommend.

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● Shinichi Hoshi [Bocco-chan]


The novels written by famous author Shinichi Hoshi are all very short and easy to read.

"Bocco-chan" is one of Hoshi Shinichi's masterpieces. It was written in 1971 and is very old, but what comes out is a robot. Sadly, this may be the future of the world.

There are many other short stories that will surprise you at the end.


● Kenji Miyazawa [restaurant with many orders]


Kenji Miyazawa often writes novels for children. However, Japanese adults also have many fans.

When reading Kenji Miyazawa's novel for the first time, the recommended restaurant is "A restaurant with many orders."

Two men enter a restaurant (restaurant) in the mountains. There is a postcard stating "Flut and young people are welcome", and a lot of strange things happen in restaurants.

What is this restaurant like?

Although it is a short novel, it can be read to the end while pounding like a mystery novel.

● Hiroshi Arikawa "Hankyu Train"


Hankyu Railway is the name of a train that really exists in Japan (Hyogo Prefecture). Eight stations come out on "Hankyu train" where short novels are collected.

At eight stations, stories of various people are drawn. The movie is also called “Hankyu Train One-Way 15-Minute Miracle”, so it's easier to read the movie after reading a novel.

If you ever come to Japan, it will be fun to take a Hankyu train while remembering the novel.

● Yuta Yokoyama [Novel Mirror-san]


A textbook "Minna no Nihongo" which is often used by N4 and N5 level students at a Japanese language school in Japan. Often there is a foreign man named Miller.

A novel whose main character is Miller, who is very popular with Japanese language school students, is "Novel Mirror".

If you think the novel you have introduced is "a little difficult ...", please read this first. Even beginners can read Japanese and have many short stories.

● "Short film factory"

If you don't know which book is good for you, read a book called "Short Story Factory", which features a novel by a famous Japanese author.

Now you can see what novels popular artists in Japan are writing. Scary stories, fun stories, funny stories ... read your favorite novels in the mood of your day.

The novel is a series, and also appears as Short Boy, Short Resurrection, and Short Girl. You may come across your favorite authors and novels.

JLPTの読解対策にも役立つ! 初級が終わったばかりでも、日本語で小説が読んでみよう

Unless the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is N2 or above, Japanese novels are difficult ... Many people think so.

Of course, there are many novels that cannot be read without the ability to read intermediate and advanced Japanese. But not all.

First, read something written in easy Japanese or a short novel. If you think that you can read novels in Japanese, studying Japanese should become even more fun.

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The person who wrote this article

Rio Wakabayashi

Free writer who likes reading. Born and raised in Osaka and moved to Tokyo in 2010. He writes articles, book reviews, and columns. Currently, while writing, she teaches Japanese to foreigners at a Japanese language school in Tokyo.

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