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UPDATE | July 29, 2020

[Japanese Culture] Food Culture-Japanese Summer Food

I think it is famous that Japan has four seasons. Japanese enjoy various meals according to the season. In the summer, we will introduce the foods that are popular in summer in Japan, which can be eaten refreshingly even in the hot season.

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● Japanese home cooking "somen"

Somen is a thin, dry noodle made from flour. It is very similar to udon, but the one with a diameter smaller than 1.3 mm is called "somen". It is one of the home-cooked foods that are often eaten in summer in Japan.

Somen has a long history and is said to have been eaten since the Kamakura period in Japan. It used to be a food for noble people in the past, and is still used as a standard summer gift.

After boiling the noodles back, chill with water or ice and eat. I often eat noodles with sweet and spicy soy sauce mixed with soy sauce, mirin, and water. In addition, ingredients such as cucumbers, eggs, and ham may be placed on the noodles and eaten.

In addition, “Nagashi Somen” is one of Japan's summer traditions (seasonal enjoyment), where water and somen noodles are poured into half-cut bamboo, and the noodles that come down are caught and eaten with chopsticks.



● “Cold soup” where rice is served with cold soup

Hiyajiru is a dish in which cold soup containing ingredients is eaten over rice.

Miyazaki prefecture, which is located in the Kyushu region of Japan, is famous, but it is one of the dishes that has been eaten in various regions since ancient times.

Grind sesame and miso, mix with cold dashi soup to make soup, and then eat with cucumber, tofu, and grilled fish. We may also add ice to make it even cooler. Since it contains plenty of soup, you can enjoy it cold and refreshing even on hot days when you do not have a good appetite.

When you're motivated while you're studying, or when you want to stay focused and do something, do you feel like you can do your best if you think "Let's concentrate for 25 minutes"?

If you want to eat in a more Japanese way, you can enjoy a refreshing taste by adding Ooba and Myoga as a condiment.


●Hayashi candy, a staple beverage in the Kansai area

In the Kansai area such as Osaka and Kyoto, we often drink "Hiyashi candy" from summer to autumn.

It's called "ame", but it's not a candy, it's a drink made by putting ginger squeezed juice into a cold candy melted in hot water. In the Kansai region, it is one of the drinks that makes you feel summer like ramune.

If you go to the Kansai area, please try it because it is not sold well in other areas.


● Side dishes? dessert? "Tokoroten" to enjoy with various tastes

Tokoroten is a food that is prepared by boiling seaweed, melting it, and then solidifying it.

Since Japan is a country surrounded by the sea, Tokoten has been popular in a wide area for a long time.

Different flavors vary depending on the region.

Many regions eat sweet and sour sauce called Sanbaizu, which is a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, and sugar, but eat it like a dessert with fruits, etc. with sweet syrup or sugar, or soup stock Depending on the region, the way of eating is greatly different, such as putting it on the noodle soup and eating it like a side dish.

They are sold in supermarkets, so please try Tenten in your area.


●A classic summer dessert "Shaved ice"

Kakigori, which is popular in Asian countries, is a popular summer dessert in Japan.

You can buy it at convenience stores or supermarkets, but in Japan, it has long been popular as a place to enjoy food at festival stalls.

I often eat simply with syrup, but recently, the shaved ice boom is coming in Japan, and the number of shops specializing in shaved ice where you can enjoy various arrangements and toppings is increasing.

If you want to enjoy Japanese taste, we recommend "Ujikintoki", which is a combination of syrup made from matcha and sweet bean paste made from azuki beans.

I introduced foods that Japanese people feel summer.

There are many cool and refreshing foods to survive the hot summer. If you haven't eaten, why not try this summer?

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