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UPDATE | May 12, 2021

Increasing Japanese online lessons What is different from face-to-face lessons? Let's compare


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● Advantages and disadvantages of online classes

First, let's check the advantages and disadvantages of online classes.


The biggest advantage of online lessons is that you can take lessons while looking at the teacher's face even when you are abroad. Since we don't meet and teach, we don't have to worry about getting infected with the new coronavirus.

Also, some schools record lessons so you can review what you don't understand later.

The disadvantage is that even if you want to ask a question during class, you cannot easily ask a question. Also, depending on the device you have (computer or ipad) and the Internet communication environment, it may be difficult to connect.

Try it before the class actually starts, and if you can't connect or use it, consult a Japanese language school as soon as possible.


● What kind of things do you need for smartphones, computers, and online classes?

Online lessons use tools that allow you to make video calls.

Zoom is often used in Japanese language schools in Japan. The school will send you a URL or ID / password. You can easily access it by downloading the Zoom application before online lessons and staying in a location with internet communication during class hours.

There are other video calling tools besides Zoom, but most Japanese language schools will explain how to use the tools before class. You don't have to worry.

And used with video calling tools are tools such as Google Classroom that allow you to do your homework even when you're away. It is convenient because the teacher can check it. In addition, contact may be by email such as Gmail.

● Preparation for starting an online class

First of all, you need a device such as an iPad or a computer that allows you to take online classes, and a well-equipped communication environment. If you don't have a device, ask the school if you can take classes on your smartphone.

Talk to your school if your communication speed is slow or if the textbook you were told to buy is not available in your country.

It is better to consult about two weeks before the class starts, not after the class starts.


Many people may be new to taking online classes. It is natural to feel uneasy, including the fact that the new corona is in fashion and it is not possible to enter Japan immediately.

The Japanese language school is devising ways to make efforts so that overseas students do not feel the stress of online lessons. In online lessons, you can do things that you couldn't do in face-to-face lessons, such as seeing all the explanations using PowerPoint.

Depending on the person, some Japanese students say that online lessons are easier. Think of it as an opportunity before studying abroad in Japan, and do your best to study Japanese online in your own country.

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Rio Wakabayashi

Free writer who likes reading. Born and raised in Osaka and moved to Tokyo in 2010. He writes articles, book reviews, and columns. Currently, while writing, she teaches Japanese to foreigners at a Japanese language school in Tokyo.

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