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UPDATE | January 29, 2019

【International Student Interview】 Meiji University (MEIJI UNIVERSITY)

"International student interviews" will listen to a variety of stories to foreign students studying at higher education institutions in Japan. Let's use it as a reference for choosing a school and preparing for the exam, such as what preparations and efforts have been made towards passing the university, the state of learning after admission.

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Senior Profile

Undergraduate Department of Business Administration 4th grade

Kim Sun-san (from China)

● Reasons for studying abroad in Japan

Please tell me the chance to think about studying abroad in Japan

Since junior high school students have been reading Japanese fashion magazine "ViVi" for about 6 years, I was interested in Japan as a result of that. After that, since the senior high school student who passed in my home country studied abroad considerably in Japan, looking at blogs of such seniors, I felt that I am having a good time and the liking to Japan is great plus became.

When did you start studying Japanese?

As soon as I came to Japan, I started studying at a Japanese language school.

It was difficult for katakana to have had a hard time when studying Japanese. First half, I have not been able to talk at all ... for half a year since I came to Japan, and at that time I could hardly read katakana and it was pretty hard.

When I do not understand Japanese well, I was in trouble delivery of luggage. I will not be able to know what to do if I get an absence contact form as my absence contact form will come when I am out of the house ....... After that, I have to call you, but I can not help it because I do not understand that Japanese. At that time, I consulted a friend who can speak Japanese and helped me.

Besides, when I go to a restaurant, I was somewhat troubled. I like sushi very much, but (basically I do not understand Japanese well) Basically I only got a menu picture. I made a mistake on that day and entered a shop where all the hiragana and katakana are written so that once I asked for it properly without having to read the menu, all that came out can not be eaten at all! I was sad (bitter smile).



● How to choose a place to go to university

When did you start thinking about your career after graduating from a Japanese language school?

First of all, I focused on studying Japanese only for the first year, and since the second year I have suffered from going on to college and started collecting information.

Actually, at the beginning, I was really interested in fashion, so I was worried about going to a Professional Training College where I could study fashion, but ... I was worried a lot. However, as my friends started to go to a cram school with being told that I was cheated and going to a cram school together, a lot of stimulus was received from excellent seniors, and my aspiration turned into a university It was. The teacher I met there taught me strongly that "my mind will definitely come true if anyone try hard." So, I thought I should try hard as well.

Regarding course, I also consulted my parents. As parents think, I would rather go to university than fashion. So, when I was saying I wanted to do fashion, I disagree somewhat, but I felt that if the individual's will was strong. But at the end I said "I want to go to college, I will do my best!"

Have you had any difficulties finding a school to take the examination?

In my case, I saw the official website of the university and were looking for the necessary information from the website every time. When I took the exam, I did not have a website for admission to school (such as アクセス日本留学 ), but it is quite helpful if I get it, quite. Because various information is gathered. Since I do not tell you about university information even if going to a cram school, I searched each other by "Internet management university" on the internet and went through each and every one. It's bad efficiency (laugh).

School search conditions are private. I did not get mathematics (at EJU), so I only saw a private school. In that, I decided how many schools I compared.

So please tell me the chance to aim for Meiji University.

There are many reasons for choosing Meiji University, but ... The most important point is that globalization is progressing a lot, the second point is that the support for students is very kind. For example, regardless of the usual school life, employment, assistance, (exchange) studying abroad, consultation of trouble or support is very kind. The third is high profile. And at the end, the location was good, I thought that this would be very helpful at the time of job hunting.


● Current school life

How long are international students at Meiji University?

The ratio of Japanese to foreigners is roughly 30 students in my class, but among them there are about 3 or 4 international students, which is about 10% of the total. The nationality is somewhat different depending on the class, but there are people in China and South Korea if it is in the class. Some students came from Europe and the United States ...... France, Russia, and Italy after coming to the Surugadai campus as a third grader.

(About communication) In my case, I basically speaked in Japanese with what I want to say. Even when talking with other international students. Surugadai campus has many lessons in English, and students from Russia and France are studying exchange studies, so I speak in English with Western students.

Please tell me about your school life at Meiji University

When I first took classes at college, I was more excited than being tense.

I was worried, for sure. When I was a Japanese school there were only foreign students' friends, so I started dating with Japanese friends since I entered university, so I was worried that I could make friends at first. Right now, half Japanese and foreign friends are around.

I thought that I would like to go abroad all the time for "exchange study abroad" before entering the university and Meiji University has also prepared a study abroad system so that when I am in the third year as a student in the French business I have been to school for half a year to study abroad.

I could not do English in the beginning, but since I was enrolled I decided to study exchange (exchange studying abroad) and started studying English. But at the time of enrollment I can not do at all and TOEIC is too embarrassing and I can not say points ....... Since I had two years to go through the selection test for exchange students, I studied English a little while in the two years.

I belong to the "International Student Association", what kind of activity do you do?

I am doing a lot at the international student assembly in China. We hold a welcome party at the entrance to the university's Chinese international students, and from there we take courses together and organize timetable tables. For example, this subject is easier to get in units, like a tutor. There are also events like barbecue on a regular basis.

Besides, for the students of the Japanese language school we were doing something like a free entrance examination instructor. I am giving lectures, taking countermeasures and advice on exams. I also practiced mock interviews and so on.

Questions from students talk about exams a lot. "I was a scored score at EJU, but could you accept Meiji University?" Or "What kind of things did you do for Entrance Examination ?"

The activity started from the year of my enrollment and was initially immature, so I tried it at a limited number of schools at the beginning. It is the feeling we were going with ourselves from the apo taking.

Actually, in fact I also looked hard for myself at Meiji university, so I was allowed to participate in the class at Meiji University, I grabbed an image like this and I practiced a simulated interview and was saved, I also thought that I wanted to give power to many students by giving back the goodness of Meiji University as a kind of repayment. Also, since the cram school costs money, we felt it was unfair for children who can not attend the cram school (university students of the private instructor are not close to each other), so we started such activities.


● Job hunting in Japan

I am going to get a job in Japan, how was your job hunting in Japan?

It was serious. I thought it would be difficult to die. Especially I felt confident that the feeling that the students of the literature system and students of the science graduate job hunting are quite different. In the case of a maker, are not few children in the literature? So, I felt that the magnification is high and the competition is also intense.

It was also difficult to have to do with a fixed process. I went to the briefing session and went to OBOG visit, it was a web test. In China it is easier to interview, even once twice ....... Because there are a lot of graduates at Meiji University, there are so many OBOGs in any field anyway, so I think that this is also a very important condition when choosing a university.


● What we tackled for passing the university

What kind of things were you putting your effort in studying for entrance exams?

The items that put particular emphasis on studying for entrance examination, "EJU" examination, we put considerable effort into the "Japanese" subjects.

Because, since it was only 400 points in Japanese subjects when looking at the overall proportion, it is quite a large proportion, so if you can not speak Japanese, no matter how good you can get with other subjects, it is too bad I thought it would be the result. So, I was putting some effort into Japanese subjects.

It is self-study for the whole day at the library even on a cram School. I studied almost seven hours almost every day. I do not study after going home. Drama (for studying Japanese) is feeling like relaxation, so I do not want to do it indeed when I go home. (Laugh).

So, have you worked consciously to pass Meiji University?

I made sure that EJU's hard work was studied and that the application, application form was taken carefully. Lastly I think that I asked my seniors to practice and collect information for the Entrance Examination .

Preparation for filing is about half a year or so. I think that it will be filed after about 3 months in preparation of EJU, so it is about half a year or so together.

In the case of Meiji University, there were many amounts to write (application) with emphasis on the reason for choosing. I thought that Meiji University was very kind, I always check with my identity when I have inadequate documents, I will confirm. In the case of other universities, out at the time of inadequacies. In the case of Meiji University, I always contacted him, confirmed, I thought that it was very kind, as I waited because there are still a few deadlines.


● For those who aim for Meiji University

Finally, please give advice to students aiming for Meiji University!

It is to stick to Japanese proficiency. Because Japanese is always necessary for EJU examination, living in Japan, after entering university and receiving a lecture. It is the basis of basic. In addition, since I think that some people are going to find employment in Japan, I think that Japanese ability is absolutely necessary at that time, so I think that it would be better to have Japanese ability firmly attached. Of course, not only Japanese but also Japanese for taking the entrance examination, I want you to focus on speaking.

(Coverage / photography: December 19, 2018)

Information Information




"International education office"

Ground Floor 2-1, Kaneda Subwayai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8301, Tokyo

日本国内から:TEL 03-3296-4144 / FAX 03-3296-4360

From abroad: TEL + 81-3-3296-4144 / + 81-3-3296-4360



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アクセス日本留学Editorial Department.アクセス日本留学" where foreign students can request materials to find Japanese schools, and hold "advancement information sessions for foreign students".

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