Open campus guide for foreign students


Open campus guide for foreign students

Open Campus Q & A

We gathered frequently asked questions and answers on open campus.
If you have something you do not understand when participating in the open campus or the entrance examination, please read this page first. If you still have something you do not understand, let's ask the school directly.

Before going to the open campus

  • Do I need to sign up?
    Depending on the school, there are many schools that do not need advance reservation as universities as trends, and many schools need to book in advance at Professional Training College with practical training. However, there are schools that need advance booking only at universities and schools that require advance reservation, so let's first check the details page of the open campus in the official school site at the timing you decide to go. .
  • (In case of a school where advance reservation is required) I had made a reservation but suddenly gone out.
    Let's contact the school early at the timing when it turns out that it has to be canceled.
    Most of the schools are preparing for advance registration as there is a need to confirm the number of participants and prepare material for practical training. Please be sure to contact us.
  • May I join with my friends?
    It's okay. However, please note that in case of a school that requires advance reservation, it is necessary to register each participant one by one.
  • What kind of clothes should I go when I go to the open campus?
    My clothes are okay.
    Campus tours and other programs that move around the school may be available so it is better to have easy-to-move shoes and clothes. Also, while many schools focus on the open campus during the summer vacation, it is better not to expose the skin excessively even though it is hot. There are cases where the air conditioner is effective in the room, so it is useful if you wear clothes that you can adjust the body temperature such as thin jacket.
  • What should I bring?
    【Things that should be carried without fail】
    ① Ball pen and pencil for filling in the questionnaire and taking notes
    ② Smartphone to check the map and take photos and memos
    ③ Small notepad for memorizing what you are concerned immediately
    [Things that are convenient to take with you]
    ④ Easy to adjust temperature, thin outerwear
    ⑤ A4 size brochure and print enter, bigger bag
  • Is there anything better to do before going?
    Let's check the means of travel and the map from the station to the school in advance. There may be other universities and Professional Training College at the same station, so please do not mistake it. It is convenient to check on the smartphone by the day before, so that you can open the examined page immediately on the day.
    Also, read back school brochures and official websites. You can summarize what you did not understand by putting together what you did not understand, ask more specific questions by individual consultation, etc., and clarify the points to check on the open campus. For yourself, let's think about what conditions are particularly important when choosing a school.

Open campus day

  • What kind of place should I check?
    After joining the POINT 2 open campusPlease check the eight check points of "Please.
    Besides that, it's a good idea to look carefully at places such as toilets, cafeterias, libraries, break spaces, the size and number of elevators used everyday. If you can take pictures, it is useful when you remember it later if you take pictures too.
  • I'm going to be late because I made a reservation, what should I do?
    Let's calm down and call the school first.
    Please tell me about being an applicant for open campus participation, what is likely to be late, how long it will be delayed, and ask what to do. There are cases where participation can be done from the middle, or you can respond to another schedule or another schedule.
  • What should I talk about in individual consultation?
    There is no need to ask difficult consultations or questions.
    First of all, speak about what you want to do and what you want to value in choosing an aspiring school, let's ask if this school can do it. If you can, explain in detail how you can realize and ask questions or let me know.
  • I left something behind at school.
    Please contact the windows of the entrance examination section, entrance examinations section, etc. who are in charge of the open campus.
    Let's tell you specific characteristics such as type, size, color etc of things dropped. If you do not find it then you may find it at a later date. Just to be sure, you should also tell your contact information.

Other questions

  • The school that I want to visit is too far to go to the open campus, what should I do?
    Even if you do not go to the open campus you can take the exam so you do not have to go.
    However, open campus where school atmosphere is felt is important for school choice. If it does not help, let's look at the school official website. Most schools that can see the latest information and events on school introduction movies, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.
  • I can not go to the open campus by the schedule.
    Even on days other than open campuses, most schools have the opportunity to visit if you inquire in advance. There are no special programs such as lesson experience, practical training, senior consultation section, but you can see the surrounding environment of the school and facilities and facilities with your own eyes, or you can respond to individual consultation.
  • Can I take the exam without having to go to the open campus?
    Will it be disadvantageous?
    You can take the exam without going.
    However, in the case of AO entrance examinations and recommended entrance exams, participation in open campuses and experiencing entrance may be subject to application or subject to preferential treatment, so if all applicants are eligible, all open schools You'd better join campus.

    Open campuses can get a lot of information that can not be conveyed simply by looking at brochures and websites. In addition, by participating in the open campus of multiple schools, the criteria that you want to cherish yourself will be clearer in choosing your aspiring school, so please go to many campus open campuses. Even at schools where you do not know whether to take the exam or not.

    " アクセス日本留学 " summarized the open campus information of Japanese universities and Professional Training College that actively accept international students. Let's see what kind of program is being held and when it is going to be held and actually go to school.

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