Open campus guide for foreign students


If you find a school of your interest
Let's go to "Open campus"!

"Open campus" can participate free of charge so that Japanese higher education institutions conduct at almost all schools, ask students who wish to enter the university to come to the university and get to know the school well It is an event. There are cases where the name "experience entrance" is attached. Various programs for telling the attraction of the school are prepared, so if you find a school of your interest, feel free to join in.

On the open campus
Before joining

What is Open Campus?

Event opening the school for students "Open campus"

Actually, there are many things I do not know until I go to school. Let's participate as much as possible not only to see brochures and websites but also to the open campus of the school you are interested in.
Depending on the school, there may be cases where advance reservation is necessary, or when the participants are limited to international students. Each school holds several days a year, so if you are planning to join the open campus, first check the school website and check the schedule.
Before joining the open campus, please carefully read the pamphlets and websites and make notes on what you want to look at and what you want to hear before going to the campus.
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If you join the open campus

8 points you want to check

Advance preparation is important for open campus.
"① Access, ② content of class, ③ campus life, ④ facilities / equipment, ⑤ atmosphere of the school, ⑥ student support, ⑦ entrance examination, ⑧ employment support support" With these eight points as your focus, Let's join the open campus after putting together.
Also, it is also important to keep memoranda, impressions, pictures firmly together and compare it with other schools without forgetting after going home. It is crucial to use the calendar application, put the memo in the pamphlet, advance in a way that is not burdensome to you.
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Q & A related to open campus

Questions about common "belongings" and "clothes" related to open campus

● It is better to bring it certainly
① "ballpoint pen and pencil" used for memos and questionnaire responses
② "Smartphone" used for checking maps, memos and photographs
③ "Notepad" that can be used without widening widely
④ "Thin jacket" used for temperature control
⑤ "A large luggage" containing the A4 size brochure

● Recommended dress
Since there are cases where there are a lot of schools, "easy-to-walk shoes" and the room is working cooler, so "clothes that make it easy to adjust body temperature" is convenient.
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Here, we introduce schools that actively accept international students.
First of all, let's check the state of the open campus of various schools and holding information and let's actually go to school!


  • 羽衣国際大学

    ■ Hold a “special program” for international students and explain the entrance examination system and the international student support system.

    ■ Senior foreign students while attending this school explain their studies and scholarships in Hagoromo in their native language, so even foreign students who are not confident in Japanese can feel at ease about university life.

    The “?” Changes to “!”, A special day.

    ■ We prepare original present.

    • business
    • Language / Interpreter / Sightseeing
    • Law / Politics / International relations
    • Society / Media
    • Life / Fashion / Beauty
    • Nutrition / Cooking / Confectionery
    • Sports / Health
  • 中日本自動車短期大学

    Come on campus tour, practice experience, exchange with seniors, NAC, and experience various things!
    <Open Campus Participation Award>
    If you join the open campus, the entrance fee is reduced by half! (¥ 200,000 → ¥ 100,000)

    • Automobiles / Motorcycles
    • Japanese language curriculum for International student