Let's go to Open Campus
School tour before enrollment,
To "Open Campus"
Let's participate.

To myself
The school that suits me
can be found

What is an "open campus"?

Are you wondering how to find a school that suits you? Rather than deciding on a school based solely on pamphlets, websites, and information from acquaintances, you can actually go to school, walk around the school, and see students and teachers to feel whether the school suits you. I will. Opportunities for such experiences are called "open campuses" in Japan.

Recommended for international students

Why should I participate?
Benefits of participating in an open campus

The lesson
Can experience

For example, you can experience classes after enrollment, such as cooking at a cooking school, programming at an IT school, and regular lectures at a university. Whether the teacher's teaching method is easy to understand, or if you are uncertain about the field, which field is likely to suit you will be useful for choosing a school or field.

Facilities and equipment,
The environment
Can be seen

When choosing a school, I think many people value "being able to study what they are interested in." Facilities and equipment are important in order to acquire a high level of knowledge and skills. Also, the time it takes from a nearby station and the environment around the school, such as shops, cannot be known without actually going.

Talk to students
it can

You can talk to teachers who teach classes at school and current students. This is your chance to hear a lot of your experiences, such as how you prepared for the Entrance Examination Also, by carefully observing what the teacher and the student are talking about and whether the Japanese and the international students are close to each other, you will be able to imagine a concrete student life.

On the open campus
Before joining


To the what?
Schedule and program

Main schedule
  • 1 reception
  • 2 School description
  • 3 Various programs
  • 4 end
Main programs
  • 1 School description
  • 2 Free distribution of materials
  • 3 Campus tour
  • 4 Mock lessons / practices
  • 1 Lunch experience
  • 2 Senior consultation corner
  • 3 Preparation for Entrance Examination
  • 4 Tour of the student dormitory
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I want to know before participating
8 checkpoints

  • Shall we go from home?

  • What can you learn?

  • How much is the Tuition
    Will it take?

  • International student support system
    Are substantial?

  • What are the characteristics of the School characteristics

  • Facilities and equipment
    What is the environment?

  • For admission
    condition is?

  • What is the employment rate and place of employment?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before going to the open campus
  • Q1.

    Do I need to sign up?

    Depending on the school, there are many schools that do not need advance reservation as universities as trends, and many schools need to book in advance at Professional Training College with practical training. However, there are schools that need advance booking only at universities and schools that require advance reservation, so let's first check the details page of the open campus in the official school site at the timing you decide to go. .

  • Q2.

    I made a reservation but suddenly I couldn't go

    Let's contact the school early at the timing when it turns out that it has to be canceled.
    Most of the schools are preparing for advance registration as there is a need to confirm the number of participants and prepare material for practical training. Please be sure to contact us.

  • Q3.

    May I join with my friends?

    It's okay. However, please note that in case of a school that requires advance reservation, it is necessary to register each participant one by one.

  • Q4.

    What kind of clothes should I wear?

    My clothes are okay.
    Easy-to-move shoes and clothes are recommended. Also, many open campuses are concentrated during the summer vacation, but it's best not to expose your skin excessively, even if it's hot. A cooler may work indoors, so it is convenient to wear clothes that can regulate body temperature, such as a thin jacket.

  • Q5.

    What should i bring?

    【Things that should be carried without fail】
    ① Ballpoint pen and pencil ② Smartphone ③ Notepad
    [Things that are convenient to take with you]
    ④ Outerwear that makes it easy to regulate body temperature ⑤ Large bag that holds A4 size booklets and prints

  • Q6.

    What you should do before you go
    do you have?

    Be sure to check the transportation and map from the station to the school in advance.
    Also, read back the school pamphlets and official website. If you read and summarize what you did not understand, you can ask many questions and find out the points you want to check.

Open campus day
  • Q7.

    What kind of place should I check?

    Please refer to the 8 checkpoints in "POINT2 If you participate in the open campus".
    It is convenient to use the "school comparison sheet".

  • Q8.

    I made a reservation, but I'm going to be late,
    What should I do?

    Let's calm down and call the school first.
    Tell them that you want to participate in the open campus, that you are likely to be late, how long you are likely to be late, and ask what you should do.

  • Q9.

    What should I talk about in individual consultation?

    There is no need to ask difficult consultations or questions.
    First, talk about what you want to do and what you want to value in choosing your school of choice, and ask if this school can do it.

  • 10.

    I left something behind at school.

    Please contact the windows of the entrance examination section, entrance examinations section, etc. who are in charge of the open campus.
    Let's tell you specific characteristics such as type, size, color etc of things dropped. If you do not find it then you may find it at a later date. Just to be sure, you should also tell your contact information.

Other questions
  • 11.

    School shouldn't be too far,
    What should I do?

    You can also collect information online.
    In most schools, you can see the latest information and events on blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., including the school introduction MOVIE on the school website.

  • 12.

    I just can't meet the schedule
    Can't go to open campus

    Even on days other than open campuses, most schools have the opportunity to visit if you inquire in advance. There are no special programs such as lesson experience, practical training, senior consultation section, but you can see the surrounding environment of the school and facilities and facilities with your own eyes, or you can respond to individual consultation.

  • 13.

    Even if you don't go to the open campus
    Can I take the exam?

    You can take the exam without going.
    However, in the case of AO entrance examinations and recommended entrance exams, participation in open campuses and experiencing entrance may be subject to application or subject to preferential treatment, so if all applicants are eligible, all open schools You'd better join campus.

School analysis

What I felt at the open campus
Using the "school comparison sheet" that allows you to easily take notes,
Analyze the school that suits you.
How to use
  • 1.

    Enter school information

    Enter the number of schools you saw, the date of participation, the nearest station, and the time it took from home to school.
  • 2.

    Enter priority

    Enter the numbers in the order of important items when deciding on a school at the eight checkpoints on the sheet.
  • 3.

    Enter checkpoint rating

    The impression you felt during the open campus will be evaluated with a star for each point. You can enter the memo later or print it and then write it.
  • 4.

    Finally enter the overall evaluation

    Finally, the satisfaction level of the entire school is evaluated with a star.
  • 5.

    Take a screenshot of the input page

    After inputting, save the input page as a screenshot. PDF format is recommended.
  • 6.

    Read back the school comparison sheet

    If you keep the screenshots, you can review them when you join the open campus of another school. You can also make additional notes later using the standard functions and apps of your smartphone.