Open campus guide for foreign students


Open campus guide for foreign students

What is Open Campus?

"Open campus" is an event to have everyone who is planning to take the school know the school well and understand. Some schools may have the name "Experience entrance".
Actually, there are many things I do not know unless I go to school. Since schools that may go long not only to see brochures and websites, let's join the open campus of the school you are interested in as much as possible.
The content of the open campus varies from school to school, but here we will show you what kind of program is implemented concretely.

On the open campus
Main program to be done

  • School Description
    School officials such as entrance examiners will perform explanations on the entire school.
    We will introduce the life after admission and employment support centering on the explanation about undergraduate departments, departments, courses etc that are set up at school.
    In this program, let's grasp the overall picture of the school.
  • Free distribution of materials
    We may receive more detailed information, new information, past issue book etc that is not on the pamphlet but information which we have to go to the open campus.
    In this program, let's gather detailed information on the undergraduate department / department / course you wish for.
  • Campus Tour
    We will visit facilities and facilities in the school together with seniors and school staff.
    When walking in the school, you have the chance to feel free to ask questions. Let's feel free to ask the seniors and staff members what you did not understand by looking at brochures and websites, what you were concerned about during the tour.
    When participating in this program, it is good to walk while inflating the image that actually goes through.
  • Simulated lessons / practical training
    Usually, teachers in charge of lectures and practical training will do real classes with content that is easy to understand for everyone before entering the school.
    By actually experiencing the experience, the image of the most important concrete learning will be visible. Let's participate if you are doing simulated lessons or practicing.
    Please make sure that this program is confirmed on the website etc. because there are cases where the participation quota is decided or it may be necessary to apply beforehand.
  • Lunch experience
    It is a program that allows you to experience the menus you sell on a free basis by opening the cafeteria campus.
  • Senior consultation corner
    It is a program that you can talk directly with the senior students who are currently attending the school.
    You can ask questions such as questions about the atmosphere of the school, consultation such as study method, what you feel uneasy about. It is only in the open campus that you can listen to the good points of the school as seen by students who are not seeing through brochures and websites alone.
    With this program, students can see the actual situation of student life.
  • Individual consultation section
    It is a program that can be asked by anyone at school officials, divided into groups one by one or small groups.
    You can ask any detail about what you are wondering or worried about, such as the state of the seniors of international students studying at school, the support system such as life, the consultation window when you are in trouble.
    It is a good idea to participate in this program after making a note of what you want to ask in advance.
  • Entrance Examination Preparation Course
    We will tell you about the Entrance Examination trends and countermeasures, difficulty level, past commentary and so on.
    There are also cases where you can receive hints for taking exams, such as explanation of special selection for international students, recommendation entrance examination, application for AO entrance exams, acceptance criteria. In some schools participation in the open campus may be necessary for the application depending on the entrance examination method, so let's invite participation whenever it is implemented.
    By participating in this program, you can find the exact entry method for yourself.
  • Student dormitory tour
    You can visit the student dormitory.
    Depending on the school, you may stay for one day as an experience dormitory. Since it may be necessary to book in advance, please confirm with the school website etc.
  • Explanation of international student support system
    Special programs for international students may be available.
    We will tell you about the support system necessary for sending school life such as scholarship, student dormitory, health care, exchange event, etc., consultation desk etc.

Participation benefits

Depending on the school, when participating in the open campus or entrance examination, there may be a system that makes exam fee free and entrance fee cheaper.

On the open campus
Main program to be done

  • ① Receptionist
    When I arrive at school, I will accept reception first.
    We will receive necessary materials for explanation. As you may be asked for the desired undergraduate department, department, course, etc. Let's investigate the name in advance by brochure etc. If you are lost, if you have not decided yet, you should do so.
  • ② School description
    I will sit down in the classroom and listen to all about the school.
    Ask questions and questions that came out while listening to the explanation, I will keep a note. Let's listen to the contents of the memo when asking questions after school explanation or at individual consultation.
  • ③ Various programs
    Depending on the school, there may be cases where the same program is carried out for everyone, and if you go around freely and participate in your favorite program. Please follow the instructions of school officials.
  • ④ Termination
    There are cases where all members terminate all at once, and return from the person who finishes.
    Materials and school original goods etc. may be handed out on the way back. I will return after confirming my personal belongings so that there are no forgotten items.

Depending on the school, there may be cases where advance reservation is necessary, or when the participants are limited to international students. Each school holds several days a year, so if you are planning to join the open campus, first check the school website and check the schedule.
If you can not participate on the designated date by all means, most schools let me see you individually, so you may want to contact us by e-mail or phone.

Before joining the open campus, please carefully read the pamphlets and websites and make notes on what you want to look at and what you want to hear before going to the campus.
In POINT 2, I am summarizing the eight points I want to check when I join the open campus. By all means, please try it.

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