Open campus guide for foreign students


Open campus guide for foreign students

If you join the open campus

Although I have participated in the open campus, I am only going to school if I am participating in vagueness, and I will come back without getting the information I really want. To compare different schools, prepare some criteria for comparison and then join. Here is a summary of the points you want to check if you go to the open campus, so please refer to it. If you can shoot, it is better to shoot with your smartphone or camera.

On the open campus
I want to check
"Eight points"

  • Checkpoint 1: Access
    Shall we go from home?
    The check starts before you arrive at the school, such as "transportation", "transfer route", "traffic cost", "time required", "route from the nearest station to school", "traffic cost", etc. before arriving at the school.
    If you are moving near a school, we recommend that you consult with school staff or seniors about where you want to live, and stop by in that area. Let's check the living environment such as the shop, restaurant, security and so on where you buy daily necessities.
  • Checkpoint2: Class content
  • Checkpoint3:学費
    いつ、どれくらいの金額が必要か? 一度に支払うことが難しい場合には、分けて支払いができるのか? 利用ができる奨学金制度など、かかる費用全体を確認するようにしましょう。
  • Checkpoint4:留学生サポート
    It is a very important check item where the International Exchange Center and other international student consultation desks are located. Make sure to check.
    It is different depending on the school, such as introduction of student dormitories and apartments, employment support in Japan, qualification measures course, consultation on visa, and study support for Japanese language and culture, but is there a system that supports international students Please check it out.
  • Checkpoint5:特色
  • Checkpoint6:学習環境
  • Checkpoint 7: Entrance exam
  • Checkpoint 8: Employment support
    日本で就職している留学生はどれくらいいるのか? どのような職業や企業が多いのか? 留学生のための就職に必要なサポート制度はあるのか? 日本企業の情報をたくさん教えてもらえるのか? など、卒業後にどのような道に進めそうか聞いてみましょう。

When I return from the open campus

When you get home, let's put together the information of the day while the memory is clear. At a later date, it is useful to make notes for participating in the open campuses of other schools for comparison.

  • Step 1: Reconfirm materials and photos on the same day
    In order to reflect on the feelings you felt at the time of the open campus, let's roughly review the data that you received on the day you went and the photo data you took. By going back home and reviewing again, I will find out new notices and next additional checkpoints.
  • Step 2: Evaluate at Check Point
    Let's evaluate the check points that you decided, such as "eight points". Not only good but bad, we recommend that you use an evaluation method that gives you a five-point rating for each item. It is good to keep notes such as "It was better if this was the case." It is very useful when you compare later.
  • Step 3: Make notes easily
    Of course, it is better to prepare a dedicated notebook or sheet for comparison, but if you do it so much ... If you say so, leave a note in the schedule management app, write a note on the copy paper, Choose a way to keep yourself comfortable, such as putting it in a school brochure.

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