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Application for foreign students · Entrance examination Q & A

We compiled frequently asked questions and answers on application and entrance examination.
If you have something you do not understand when you prepare for the application, please read this page first. If you still have something you do not understand, let 's contact the school directly. If you do not understand, you will not be able to apply or take the exam. Let 's solve early so that we can submit your application.

Content concerning application preparation

  • Where can I get "application guidelines" or "application forms"?
    ① Download from the school's website ② Observe at the school's website ③ Apply for sending from the school's website ④ Go directly to the school ⑤ Accept the event at the open campus and briefing ⑥ Buy at the bookstore (some There are methods such as university only). The way to obtain it is on the school official website. When searching on the web, by entering two keywords "school name of the school of choice" and "international student", it is easy to reach the target page.
  • I have not completed 12 years of educational curriculum in my country but can I take the exam?
    Separately, there are many schools where you can take the exam if you complete the designated preparatory educational institution or the course of the training facility. Since there are written conditions for cases where it is less than 12 years in "Application Guidelines", let's read the application guidelines. If you still do not understand, let's consult with the applicant at the university without applying it as it is.

Content on document preparation

  • I made a mistake in writing my application,
    What should I do?
    There are many schools that allow you to erase the wrong letters with double lines. You must never use correction tape or correction fluid. If you make a mistake when you make a mistake in some cases it may be clearly stated in the application guidelines, so when you make a mistake in writing, let's check the application guidelines without panic. If you have not written, please contact the school of your choice.
    When I made a lot of mistakes in writing, it would be better to receive my application again from the aspiring school.
  • I prepare an envelope for shipping application form myself.
    What envelope should I do?
    If there is no description of "recruitment requirement" and there is no designation for envelopes in particular, many documents are of general documents such as "A corner size (240 × 332 mm)" containing A4 size (210 × 297 mm) Since it is the size of the envelope for sending, it is good to prepare an envelope with a corner 2 size. You can purchase at the stationery store or convenience store.
    There is a white envelope and a brown envelope. Either way you can accept it, but since it is said that a white envelope is better when sending an official document, it is better to use a white envelope.
  • How do I write the envelope address?
    In preparing an envelope by himself and shipping an application form, most schools have prepared sheets for addressing in a set of application documents.
    You can send it by filling out an address sheet and filling in the required information but you can send it as it is, but you can erase the letters of "line" written as "○ ○ school line" written in the address vertically with a double line Well, if you rewrite it as "You" next to it, you will be very polite.

Content on shipment

  • The post office is closed even though the application deadline is closed,
    What should I do?
    The window of the post office is basically closed at 17 o'clock. However, there are places available 24 hours a day if it is a large post office in the area. Even if the window of a nearby post office is closed, let's find a post office to receive without panic. You can check the nearby post office and business hours on the Japan Post website.
  • What is the difference between "must-arrive" written during application period and "postmarked effective?"
    The difference between "must arrive" and "postmarked on the day" is how to handle on the last day of application period.
    "Necessary" means "I am arriving at the school on the last day of application period." Even if you ship on this day, you will not receive the application form. Please note that the number of days it takes to arrive depends on where you send it from.
    "Postmarked on the day" can be received if it is "postmarked on the post office on the last day of application period" if it is something. There is no problem if you can take it to the window of the post office on the last day of the reception period.
    However, in any case it is not good to issue applications very briefly. If there are incompleteness, you can fix it during the reception period and please send it as soon as possible.
  • I could not ship during application period, what should I do?
    Some schools that have postmarked as "Effective on the day" may receive at the school's window only one day after the mailing deadline. If you forget to take out, please check the application guidelines and see if you can pick up the window. If it is not written, there are most cases that you will not receive it, but please consult with your aspiring school.

Other than what you should pay attention to

  • Do not use a ballpoint pen that can be erased
    Although you can sell ballpoint pens that let you erase letters, please do not use them for documents to be submitted to schools and companies such as application forms and resume. I will be worried about mistakes in letters, but let's use other ballpoint pens.
  • Have you read over again once you have filled in the papers?
    There is a possibility that you will not receive an application if there is a missing entry. Be sure to check it for leakage before checking. Also, there are quite a lot of places to have a seal or signature, so let's check if they are missing either.
  • Is the envelope tightly sealed?
    If it is a way of stopping easily opening it, it opens in the middle of mailing. If the document is gone, you will not be able to take the exam, so please make sure that it is closed securely.
  • Prepare for early application is important.
    If you prepare at the last minute you will panic and lead to mistakes such as omissions. Even if the school you are going to take the examination is not decided, let's get the application guidelines and application form for the school that you may take the exam as soon as possible.

    In " アクセス日本留学 ", we have compiled information on Japanese universities and Professional Training College where application guidelines and application forms can be readily downloaded and downloaded. If you have a school in the field of your choice, please check first.

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