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Check documents required for application

Many papers are necessary for the application. In order to take multiple schools, it is necessary to prepare as many as the number of schools you take. There are also documents that take time to prepare in the submitted documents, so let's check the list of required documents with the application guidelines of the applicant school. Here, we summarize the main documents required to be submitted at the time of filing, and how to collect and notes, so please refer to your preparations for application.

Main documents required at the time of filing

Application (application documents · application form)

  • Application (application documents · application form)
    It is an application form for the examination. I will use the school designated documents to take the exam.
    In addition to a request to fill out your profile (application form), we may also call a set of documents to be submitted as an application. In order to obtain it, there is a method such as asking the applicant to send it, receiving it directly at the open campus or a briefing session for admission, or downloading from the official site of the school.
    Since there are cases where multiple applications are prepared according to the entrance examination method, let's use what suits the entrance examination method you take.
  • Resume
    I will list what kind of educational institution I have studied in my home country and Japan, how many years I have studied, and other work history etc. I will use school designated paper.
    In the case of multiple school entrance exams, it will be written many times, so it is a good idea to note the date of enrollment and graduation of each school you passed.
  • Reason for application
    I will write the reason why you wanted to enter the school. I will use the school designated documents to take the examination.
    Since I write composition, let's write once after writing on another paper instead of starting suddenly. If you can ask someone else it would be better for others to read once and get advice.
  • ID photo
    Snapshot can not be used for photos used for application documents. Also, please note that you can not use photographs such as wearing hats and sunglasses, peace signs, long bangs and do not know the face. Please prepare a picture with no background that clearly shows your face like a photo used for your passport or residence card. Also, because the size of the necessary photos may be different for each school, let's check the size well.
    Certification photographs can be taken with photo studio, certification photo box, etc. You can also print out data taken with smartphone or digital camera, but in that case you need to consider taking pictures with white background and not using in-focus pictures.
    Recently, the number of schools that accept web applications is increasing, and some schools need to upload photograph data, so if you take a picture at a photo studio, you will get not only photos that you print out but also photography data It will be good.
  • High school graduation (prospective) certificate
    You will ask for a graduation (planned) high school to prepare.
    Sometimes it is necessary to separately require documents to prove that Japanese translation and Japanese translation are correct. In addition, if the original can not be sent, you may be asked for Certified True Copy (certified by a school or a public institution that graduated from being originally copied correctly).
    Let's prepare ahead of time as it takes time to prepare such as obtaining and translating, issuing a translation certificate, and issuing a certificate of reproduction.
    Depending on the school, if the educational curriculum to the upper secondary school is less than 12 years, along with the above certificate, 12 years are met by the certificate of completion (prospective) of preparatory educational institution and the regular higher education institution etc in your country I need a certificate of my studies.
  • Undergraduate Graduation (Master's degree Acquisition) Certificate
    It is necessary for graduate entrance examination. Ask a university or graduate school (master's program) you obtained a degree to prepare. If you are preparing at a school outside Japan, translation, translation certificate and copy certificate are the same as high school graduation (prospective) certificate.
    In addition, "transcripts" or "master's thesis summary" may be required.
  • Japanese language school graduation (prospective) certificate
    Ask a Japanese language school you are going through to prepare.
    Since it may not be available immediately on that day you requested, let 's talk to your teacher as soon as you choose your school.
  • Attendance / transcript of the Japanese language school
    Ask a Japanese language school you are going through to prepare.
    As well as grades, attendance rate tends to be particularly emphasized, so try to attend classes properly from everyday.
  • Academic report of EJU (EJU)
    Basically it is valid for the past 4 (2 years), but there is a valid examination year / month designation for each school you take.
    There may be cases where you submit either one of those who have good grades in June or November and you are required to submit both results.
    Let 's check the application guidelines to tell EJU' s examination number to the school you will take the examination and notify the school of the results from JASSO or submit a copy of the grades notice you have.
  • Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
    Although the standard varies depending on the school, many schools seek academic ability over N2 (grade 2).
    Let's check, because the submission method differs depending on the school whether it is necessary to show the original or submit the copy.
  • English Proficiency Test Score
    The score or grade of the English proficiency examination designated by the school. We will submit a schedule or grade of your grade when you send a request to the agency you took the examination.
    The exams available for schools vary, such as "TOEIC®", "TOEIC iBT®", "IELTS ™", "TEAP". Moreover, there may be a period designation such as a grade table within 2 years.
  • a copy of passport
    Depending on the school, you need to bring your original passport copy to school.
  • Copy of residence card
    Depending on the school, you need to go to school to show the original of the residence card.
  • Resident's card (if living in Japan)
    It is a document proving that you live in Japan. You can receive it at the window of the name such as "Family register section" "Registration section" such as city office, ward office, town office in the area where you live. It costs 300 yen per delivery to issue.
    In order to have it issued, you need an identification card such as a residence card or passport. Also note that you can not receive it at the government office on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Depending on the area, you may be able to receive it at a branch office or a citizen service center separately from the government office, but please be aware of reception hours and days of the week here as well.
    If you have a My Number card, you can print out at any convenience store 24 hours a day at convenience stores.
  • Entrance examination fee storage certificate
    It proves that you paid the entrance examination fee.
    In the case of transfer at a financial institution or payment at a convenience store, you need a copy of the designated payment form sent along with the application form, screen output if you do it online. In the case of overseas remittance, it will be an overseas remittance request form (Application for Remittance).
    Since it differs for each payment method, let's check the application guidelines.
  • Material on economic support
    We prepare school designated items such as remittance certificate, deposit bankbook of principal name, deposit balance certificate, scholarship payment certificate, sponsor's employment certificate and income certificate. Depending on what you submit, Japanese translation may be required separately.
  • Letter of recommendation
    Ask a nominee (nursing school teacher, principal, high school teacher and principal, university, graduate school teacher, etc.) to recommend and prepare. Since it may not be prepared immediately, it is good to consult at the stage you need to know.
    If written in languages other than Japanese, Japanese translation may be required separately from the original. When translating, let's start preparation as soon as possible considering the time it takes to translate.
  • Research (graduation thesis) at the university from which he came from and his summary
    It is necessary mainly for graduate school entrance examination. Describe the research theme and the summary on its contents done at the undergraduate (master). There may be cases where there is or is not a form specification or number specification for submission.
  • Research Plan
    It is necessary mainly for graduate entrance examination. We describe concretely the research topics and research contents after admission.
    Depending on schools and laboratories, it is necessary to contact the supervisor at the laboratory that wishes to apply before sending the application, and send a research plan to obtain consent. If you do not have consultation in advance, you can not apply, so let's check in advance which stage you need to submit.
  • Postage stamp
    I will use it when sending an admission ticket from school. Please check the application guidelines to see how much it is necessary.
    Postage stamps can be purchased at post offices, convenience stores, etc.
  • Application document checklist
    It may be included in a set of application forms.
    Since there are many documents to be submitted, let's check each other one by one to see if there are any leaks.
  • At the time of filing, we submit several documents in combination.
    There are many things that can not be arranged right away on that day when you thought about submitting documents that require school or faculty teacher to ask you to write and documents that require translation or certificate. First of all, read the application guidelines carefully, list what you need, let's prepare with enough time not to close the deadlines according to the schedule.

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