Application guide for foreign students


Procedure for applying to a Japanese school

Let's prepare for the "application" once the school to take the examination is decided by attending a briefing session for admission to a university, a school information website, a journal for admission to a university, or participation in an open campus. An application is an application for taking a school of your choice.
As conditions for application and examination fee payment method will differ depending on the school and each entrance examination method to be taken, it is important to gather information early.

Procedure of application

① Obtain " Entrance Examination Requirements / Application"

    Application guidelines (entrance examination requirements, Entrance Examination requirements)
    A booklet that has a compilation of submission documents, schedules, etc. from application to enrollment procedure, including application qualification. There are many schools that you can see on the web. It is very important for taking the exam.
    Application (application documents · application form)
    It is an application form for taking an exam. Application forms and envelopes required for application, such as enrollment application form for filling in basic information about you and reasons for desiring to tell you how you would like to enter the school, are included as a set. Depending on the school, there are schools that accept web applications only and do not have paper applications.
  • Once you decide which school you are going to take the examination, let's get the "application guidelines" and "application forms" first.
    The method of obtaining it differs depending on the school and the examination method to take the examination, but (1) download from the school's website ② look at the school's website ③ apply for sending from the school's website ④ go to the school ⑤ Obtained at events such as open campus and briefing ⑥ We buy at bookstore (only some universities) etc. There are ways.
    Most schools can be bought for free, but some universities may charge from 300 yen to 1,500 yen for a fee.

    There is a separate deadline for each entrance examination method in the exam application. After passing the deadline, we will not be able to take the examination without receiving the application form, so we recommend that you obtain the application form as soon as possible once the school you are going to take the examination is decided.

    ※ If you are considering taking an exam from outside Japan, let 's ask the school as soon as possible because it may not correspond to dispatch of applications to foreign countries.

② Confirm the application qualification, submission documents, and schedule in "Application Guidelines"

    Let's check the eligibility of application once you have the recruitment requirements.
    Application qualification is a condition for taking the school. If you can not meet this condition, you can not take the exam. In particular, if the EJU (EJU), Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), TOEIC® etc. are listed as conditions, make sure that the score you have exceeded the score required by the school please.

    If you meet your eligibility for application, please check the submission documents and schedule and decide on the entrance examination method to take the exam. Many schools have "Special Selection for Foreigners".
    When checking the schedule, you should check not only the application period and the examination date, but also the delivery deadline such as the admission fee after passing. Depending on the school, you may have to pay the enrollment fee before you know the success or failure of another school you take the examination. The tuition fee paid will be refunded, but please note that all or part of the enrollment fee may not be refunded.

    When taking multiple schools, it is useful to summarize them in notes or notebooks so that you can grasp the schedule and necessary documents of all schools.

③ Prepare documents to be submitted

    Web application (Internet application)
    Recently, more schools have introduced "web application (internet application)" that can apply for application on the web, mainly private private universities, and transfer fee for examination fee. We can apply 24 hours at any time without taking time to get the application form. Also, it is an application method which has more merit than Japanese students for international students, such as error checking automatically, such as missing entries, less writing mistakes in Japanese characters.
  • Let's prepare by checking the application documents written in the application guidelines.
    Depending on the document, some preparations take time. Also, if you need handwriting with a ballpoint pen (disappearing ballpoint pen is impossible), you can not erase it if you make a mistake. You should write it after drafting without starting writing suddenly. Especially when you write long sentences such as reasons to apply, you can first organize your thoughts by first deciding what to write and what to write and then exporting it to another paper etc.

    Main documents that are often asked for submission

    ① Application for admission (designated by the school)
    ② Certificate of graduation (prospective) of senior high school in your country
    ③ Certificate of transcript of your upper secondary school or final school
    ④ Certificate of completion (prospective) of Japanese language school
    ⑤ Recommendation letter of the principal or teacher of the high school from which he is from
    ⑥ Japanese proficiency or English proficiency certificate
    ⑦ Japanese language institution attendance rate / transcript
    ⑧ Writing desire letter

    In addition to this, copies of "certification pictures", "passports" "residence cards", copies of exam fee transfers, etc. are often required.

    If you have all the documents to be submitted, it's a good idea to copy them all before sending them.
    Recommended because it is incomplete in the document, in case there is an inquiry from the school or if the sent application has not arrived yet, we can respond immediately.

④ Pay the application fee (entrance examination fee / screening fee)

    Transfer Certificate
    For the case of transfer at the window of a financial institution such as a bank. Some schools are required to send a transfer certificate along with the application form. Even if you do not need to submit it to the school you will take the examination, when transferring the examination fee, enrollment fee, tuition fee, etc, please make a copy of proof of payment, printout of application completion screen, transfer completion mail etc It is a good idea to keep it.
  • In order to take the exam, it is necessary to pay the exam fee. The exam fee will vary depending on the school to be taken and the method of entrance examination, but most schools are in the range of 10,000 yen to 35,000 yen.
    Payment method also differs depending on the school, but ① transfer from financial institution window ② credit card ③ convenience store ④ net banking ⑤ There are methods such as remittance from overseas Japanese yen. Since any school accepts payment only by the method of school designation, be sure to check which method is specified.
    There are schools that do not correspond to overseas remittances, so please be careful.

⑤ Submission of application documents

    After completing the transfer of necessary documents and exam fee, submit the application form to the school.
    The method of submission varies from school to school, but in most cases it is accepted either by "mailing" or "bringing directly to the school's window" or both.
    In addition, envelopes for document submission may be included in the request set or prepared by yourself.
    When preparing by yourself, please check "Application guidelines" to see whether there is designation such as envelope size and how to write an address.

    After you prepare the envelope and necessary documents, let's go to the window of the post office and send it by "simple registered mail" or "express delivery · simple registered mail". Either may be specified. In both cases, since we are taking records from underwriting to delivery, the history that sent the application will also remain and it is a way to surely deliver it to the school.
    Those who are considering applications from outside Japan, please first check whether direct shipment from overseas is possible. If possible, EMS is often specified, but please check in advance as to how you are accepting, how long it will take from sending to arrival.

    In the case of mailing, please pay attention to the schedule deadline described in the application guidelines.
    Depending on whether it is "necessity" or "postmarked on the day", it will change when you need to send an application form. In case of necessity, it is necessary to ship before the last day of the reception period, but if it is postmarked on that day, if you can bring it to the post office on the last day of the reception period, the application form is valid. In any case, let's try early preparation and early shipment before it becomes the deadline.

    In case of bringing directly, I will bring it to the window of the school during the acceptance period / time stated in the application guidelines.
    In the case of a school that says "postmarked effective on the day" at the mailing reception, there are schools that accept reception at the reception desk only on the first day of the next day. If you have passed the deadline for posting, you should investigate whether you can receive it at the window without panic.

⑥ Acceptance of application form

    When the application is accepted, documents will be delivered from the school at a later date with the "Examination Voucher" and the items on the day and the meeting place. Make sure to check your name and other information for errors.
    If you do not pass the "Examination Voucher", you will not be able to take the exam even if you go to the examination venue on the day, please keep it carefully.

    This is the procedure of "application".
    There are many things to do quickly, such as application, entrance examination, enrollment procedure, etc. until enrollment. Schedule management is very important in both cases, so let's organize yourself in the most obvious way, such as notes, pocketbooks, calendars, and apps.

    Even documents of the same application often use different names depending on the school. If there is something you do not understand, do not leave it as it is or consult with the entrance examination window at the applicant's school, or let the teacher of the Japanese school or your homeroom teacher consult.

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