Application guide for foreign students


Let's prepare for the "application" once the school is decided!

To Shiboko Entrance Examination called the "application" to make an application for receiving the.
In order to make an application, it is necessary to gather a lot of kinds of documents, including "application forms" meaning application documents, and submit it to the applicant's school. Learn about the application here, let's get ready for the application right now.
(In the case of a foreign student staying in Japan with a family stay visa, there is a possibility that it does not correspond to the contents to be introduced here.)

Before applying for a Japanese school

Procedure for applying to a Japanese school

Let's prepare for the "application" once the school to take the examination is decided by attending a briefing session for admission to a university, a school information website, a journal for admission to a university, or participation in an open campus. An application is an application for taking a school of your choice.
As conditions for application and examination fee payment method will differ according to school and entrance examination method to be taken, it is important to gather information early. The first thing to do is get "application guidelines". Let's check each school page so you can see the application guidelines and download from this feature page.
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Check documents required for application

Let's see a list of documents necessary for application, including application form, and methods and precautions for gathering those documents.
Documents necessary for the application are written in the "Application Guidelines". There are many things that can not be arranged right away on that day when you thought about submitting documents that require school or faculty teacher to ask you to write and documents that require translation or certificate. First of all, please read the application guidelines firmly, list what you need, let 's prepare with enough time not to close the deadline according to the schedule. After passing the submission deadline, you will not be able to take the exam and you will not be able to take the exam.
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Application for foreign students · Entrance examination Q & A

Depending on the method of entrance examination, the document to be prepared and the paper to be submitted are different, something complicated "application".
As a frequently asked question, it is a question about what I mistook. In many cases it is said that it is only necessary to erase with a double line, but if you made a lot of mistakes in writing, you will need to renew your application again and rewrite it. Also, be careful as ballpoint pens that can be erased can not be used.
Since detailed information on the application is posted here, first check the information of each school and read the application guidelines carefully. If you still have something you do not understand, please do not leave it as is to ask the school.
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