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東京栄養食糧専門学校( Professional Training College )

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Basic information

Postal code 154-8544
Street address 東京都世田谷区池尻2-23-11
Inquiry section signature School corporation Food Institute Public Relations Planning Department
Contact phone number 03-3424-9112
FAX 03-3424-9295
Special Selection for International Students Yes

Entrance Examination


Basic information

Length of study 4 years

Test overview

Exam schedule

Application period 2019/09/02 ~ 2020/02/21

Basic information

Length of study 2 years

Test overview

Exam schedule

Application period 2019/09/02 ~ 2020/02/21


Application fee


First Year Payments (Admission Fee)


First Year Payments (Tuition)

700,000円 ~ 730,000円

First Year Payments (Other Fees)

650,000円 ~ 680,000円

First Year Payments (Total Fees)

1,550,000円 ~ 1,610,000円

Separately textbook fee / approximately 70,000 yen per year

Payment of Tuition in Installments

Request inquiry

Tuition Exemption System


International student reduction 50,000 yen

Scholarship Program


School characteristics

Training schools for "Food, Nutrition and Health" Specialists
Our main school which has a history of 78 years is one of the few Professional Training College that has established "administrative dietitian school" and "nutritionist course". There are a lot of hours of practical training and a course selection system in specialized fields, and support system for job hunting and national exams is also substantial.

Traffic access

Tokyu Denentoshi Line (Tobu Isesaki Line / Subway Hanzomon Line) "Ikejiri Ohashi Bridge" Exit east exit from the station and 5 minutes on foot