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専門学校 京都コンピュータ学院( Professional Training College )

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Graduates are at the cutting edge! 20 departments in 5 departments where you can learn deeply!

● Computer Educational Institute established for the first time in Japan
● 20 departments of 5 departments can be set up to study all fields of IT.
● It has a history of about 60 years and has more than 50,000 graduates.
● Many international students from various countries have learned and accepted
● Open a course for international students and learn Japanese
● Kyoto Information Graduate School has group college where you can learn IT and management, and many international students go on to college
● Kyoto Japanese Language Training Center is located at group school and you can enroll after learning Japanese
● The state-of-the-art facilities are in place, the learning environment is in place
● Partnering with over 100 overseas educational institutions
● Enhancement of Tuition aid system for international students
● The ancient city of Japan and the city of students · Kyoto is the stage of learning
● Enhanced e-learning system

About foreign student departments

Kyoto Japanese Language Institute

Kyoto Japanese Language Institute (KJLTC) is a Japanese-language educational institution based on the computer school · Kyoto Computer Academy (KCG), which was first established in Japan in 1963. It is a high-level content that received the designation of the "preparatory curriculum" of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology by the Japanese Language Educational Institution of the Notice of the Minister of Justice.
In order to advance to a higher education institution in Japan (graduate school, university, Professional Training College etc.), you must have completed 12 years of primary and secondary education in Japan or foreign country. However, even those with less than 12 years of education based on the educational system of each country will qualify for entry to higher education institutions in Japan (graduate school, university, Professional Training College etc.) by completing the course of our school can do.
Graduates from the Kyoto Japanese Language Institute will be able to advance to Kyoto Computer Gakuin (KCG) and Kyoto Information Gakuin University (KCGI) preferentially.

International student support system

【International Student Support System, etc】
Tuition Exemption System for international students is substantial
● International student staff supports study and learning abroad
● The school side arranges housing
● We have various scholarships unique to our school
● International exchange students and social gatherings are active
● Employment support is thorough and job experience is preeminent

Student 's Message

Ralambozatovo Narianja Vololoniaina / Lalamb bozub, narianga, and brulunia ina
Art / Design Basic Course Art / Design Basic Course Admission April 2017
Born from the Republic of Madagascar

From my childhood I was very interested in Japan with a completely different culture from my home country and I wanted to learn more about images and photos I learned at Madagascar University. It was adopted by Japanese Government scholarship students of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, passed through the Japanese language school in Osaka, and entered KCG. I feel that I was really good at learning at KCG. In the lesson, I teach well from the foundation and all the teachers and students are kind. Even during holidays it will feel free to call out. My dream is to do the work of communicating the Japanese culture to the countries of Madagascar and the rest of the world. I would like to become more like a bridge between my favorite Japan and Japanese people and my home country, acquiring more Japanese and video skills, more.

Established various courses for international students

Kyoto Computer Gakuin offers courses for international students.
★ Department of Applied Information / International Automobile Control Course (3 years full-time)
★ Department of Computer Engineering / International Information Course (3 years full-time), International Art Design Course (3 years full-time), International Tourism Information Course (3 years full-time)
★ Information Processing Department / International IT Course (2 years full-time)
Many foreign student exclusive staff are stationed and follow all aspects including learning and life.

(Updated: May 31, 2022)


Kyoto Ekimae School: 7 minutes on foot from "Kyoto Station" by JR · Kintetsu · Subway

Basic information

Postal code 601-8407
Contact phone number 075-681-6334
Special Selection for International Students Yes
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