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April 2018 Opened Faculty of International Contribution. Acquire practical learning in domestic and overseas communities.

Since its foundation in 1947, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies has developed its own educational program featuring multilingual multicultural education, set in Kyoto, the center of Japanese culture. In April 2018, we set up a new faculty "International Contribution Faculty" that features three languages ​​- multilingual, educational and community engagement - as pillars of education. Learning as a policy and business as tourism as a "multiculturalism" with global studies department that trains people with a global perspective and advanced language skills, broad education, today, from a global perspective today's challenges of tourism Undergraduate Department of Global Tourism department to understand, we will train human resources who can be active in a wide range from international organizations to global companies. At the Department of Foreign Language Department, you will learn languages ​​and history and culture of Japan, and learn 19 languages, leverage the unique environment of our university, and acquire a rich international sense. For students who need to strengthen their Japanese language ability, "Japanese Intensive" is prepared so that you can raise your Japanese proficiency.

Course in which you can obtain a degree in English / absence of English lecture

International Studies Faculty The Department of Global Studies learns about global issues from a global perspective that views the Earth as a system. Students acquire basic knowledge on social sciences in general, such as economics, business administration, law, sociology, etc., from the subjects of international relations, developing countries, environmental issues, international economy, marketing, etc. There are plenty of opportunities for group work and discussions with foreign students from around the world and with Japanese students, and we also carry out practical learning in classes such as "Model United Nations" and "Community Engagement". Specialized classes are all English. It is also possible to choose classes in Japanese as liberal arts subjects. Integrate knowledge of humanities such as cross-cultural understanding and social sciences such as international relations and business theory, and acquire world-class expertise. With a curriculum system that can establish a background that plays an active role globally, we foster human resources who can combine social science knowledge and practical skills and contribute to the resolution of various international issues.

About foreign student departments

The International Student Special Course offers a wide range of Japanese language and Japanese culture education for foreign students from around the world through Japanese classes according to nine levels and hands-on classes where you can feel Japanese culture. Through training trips and exchanges with Japanese students, I will continue to improve Japanese language skills while feeling Japan as a whole.

〇 One year with a high level of learning Japanese and culture
Improve Japanese proficiency while associating "listening, speaking, reading, writing" by watching videos and discussing their contents. In addition to Japanese, you can also choose lectures on Japanese culture such as tea ceremony, Kyogen, calligraphy, flower arrangement. This is a curriculum that allows you to study Japan deeply and deeply in one year.
〇 Improve your Japanese proficiency to prepare for your career after completion
After graduation, students who wish to go on to universities and graduate schools in Japan, including our university. We aim to acquire skills and knowledge according to the level so that such students can acquire the Japanese language skills necessary after entering the university and knowledge essential for continuing their study abroad life.
○ Exchange with Japanese students
There is a system such as "International Student Assistant" to support foreign students coming to Japan to go to school smoothly and "Japanese Conversation Buddy" where you can practice Japanese conversations with Japanese students and review Japanese classes. There is. International students live student life in an environment where they can interact closely with Japanese students.

About short-term study abroad

We will take 3-5 weeks of language training at overseas partner universities using long summer and spring vacations.
〇 UK Engilsh Program
〇 USA Engilsh Program
* Summer English training
* University of Burgundy French training
〇 Novosibirsk State University Russian language training
* Overseas volunteers

Employment record

<就職率> 92.4%(2021年度卒)

全日本空輸、日本航空、資生堂ジャパン、アイリスオーヤマ、ネスレエスプレッソ、京都銀行、野村證券、ホテルモントレ、大阪ヒルトンホテル、ブルボン、ヤマト運輸、ローム、日本郵政グループ、マイナビ、アクセンチュア、楽天、各地方政府、各都道府県警察本部、防衛省、小学校・中学校・高等学校教員 など

International student support system

In particular, foreigners with excellent grades are exempted from the admission fee (a considerable amount will be refunded after admission). The applicants who meet the following criteria at the time of application are eligible.

Foreign language department Japanese language department
Score equivalent to more than 340 points of “Japanese” and 170 points of “overall subjects” of the Study Abroad in Japan, or more than 153 points of “Japanese Proficiency Test N1” (153 points or more)

Department of Global Studies, Department of International Contribution
英検CSEスコア2400点以上、GTEC4技能1260点以上、TEAP PBT(4技能)334点以上、TEAP CBT 688点以上、TOEIC(L&R)855点以上、TOEIC4技能1685点以上、TOEFL iBT80点以上、ケンブリッジ英検PET168点以上、IELTS6.0以上のいずれかを満たす者

Department of Global Tourism, Faculty of International Contribution
②英検CSEスコア2150点以上、GTEC4技能1118点以上、TEAP PBT(4技能)282点以上、TEAP CBT 540点以上、TOEIC(L&R)710点以上、TOEIC4技能1430点以上、TOEFL iBT 62点以上、ケンブリッジ英検155点、IELTS5.0以上の得点

Student 's Message

来日後、京都外大の卒業生に出会ったことが入学へのきっかけでした。国際貢献学部では、世界のさまざまな問題について幅広く学ぶことができるので、自分の視野が大きく広がります。2年次の秋には、「コミュニティエンゲージメント」でアメリカの大学生と世界の問題について考えるプログラムに参加し、異文化理解の大切さを学びました。現在は、国連やUNICEFで働くことを目標に「国際開発協力」などの授業を通して知識を深めています。(国際貢献学部 グローバルスタディーズ学科 3年次生・ブータン出身)

Scholarship information

○ Morita Foundation Scholarship
[Target, adoption number of people]
2nd to 4th year university students (Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of English and American languages) 6 students in each grade
2nd to 4th year university students (Faculty of Foreign Languages other than English and American languages) About 2 students in each academic year
2nd to 4th year undergraduate students (Faculty of International Contribution) About 3 students in each grade
[Payment amount] 300,000 yen (single year)

○ Alumni Association Scholarship
[Target] Regular students at the university (those who have "College Student" status of residence)
[Recruitment] 8 people
[Payment amount] 150,000 yen (single year)

○ Supporting scholarship scholarship
[Target] Regular students at the university (those who have "College Student" status of residence)
【Number of recruits】 5
[Payment amount] 150,000 yen (single year)

○ Alumni Association "Student to be a bright star" Scholarship
【Target】 University 1 - 3 year students
【Number of recruits】 5
[Payment amount] 100,000 yen (single year)

○ Private Expenses Foreign Students Tuition Fee Reduction
[Target] Regular students at the university (those who have "College Student" status of residence)
[The adoption number of people] around 30 people
【Payment amount】 Reduction by 50% of tuition fee for the current year


About 15 minutes on foot or about 5 minutes by bus from Saiin Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line

Basic information

Postal code 615-8558
Contact phone number 075-322-6035
Special Selection for International Students Yes
Total foreign student enrolled 342名
Foreign international students enrolled by country of origin

中国  252名

韓国  43名

ベトナム  12名

台湾  12名

ロシア  12名

米国  11名

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