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*The original text of this article is written in English. Issuing a Sim card in Japan is complicated and complicated.Here are three reasons why JP Smart SIM is the most popular option among foreigners in Japan.

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●Issuing a Sim card in Japan is complicated and complicated

As you know, Japan is a famous country for Mount Fuji, the Shinto shrines, tea ceremony, kimono, anime, and so on. Besides, it is also known as a conservative country with many complicated and rigid procedures. Therefore, many foreigner people living and working in Japan have difficulty registering SIM cards.

Having a phone number is an essential thing for registrations from renting a place to live, to open a bank account, to apply for a job, or even to sign up for LINE - the most popular chatting app in the country. However, just a few years ago, there were only three options for mobile communication providers. And all of them still have required binding contracts with a period of 2 years. That means if you purchase a SIM card from one of these companies, and want to cancel it before two years have passed, you have to pay a fee for breaking the contract. Also, if you get an instalments phone set with sim card included, you will have to pay all the amount left when you cancel the contract. Depending on the model of your phone and how much time you left until the end of the 2-year contract, that amount can become a bad surprise to receive when you are planning to leave Japan. Also, a 2-year contract is often only available for those who have at least 2-years residency permit. If your permission is of less than two years, then some companies will not even accept to take you as a client.

Knowing how hard it is for foreign national people to get a mobile number in Japan, DX HUB - a foreign-friendly services provider has uniquely designed a service for those who do not want to or cannot have a long-term contract: JP Smart SIM.


●3 reasons why JP Smart SIM is the most popular choice between expats in Japan

JP Smart SIM has a simplify and efficiently design, enthusiastic support to anyone living in Japan. Thanks to its secure contract, payment method and no limit to the required time to cancel a contract, many expats and long-term visitors have used this service.

1- Easy to register a contract

You just need to apply online to get your own JP Smart SIM! No need to spend hours sitting in the store and file several documents; you can quickly complete it in your comfort room. The website is available in English, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese. The customer support is also available in these languages.

To apply, you can directly access to JP Smart SIM homepage, select the service that suits you the best, click on "APPLY NOW" button, and forwarding to the online application form page.

You will fill the application form with the necessary personal information, and submit the required identity document depending on your selected service. Such as a full-colour capture of the passport holder page for JP Smart Data or two-side-captures of your residence card for JP Smart Call. And that's all!

Visitors without a residence card (those visiting long-term for travelling) can apply for "JP Smart Data" sim card service. The only necessary document is your passport. Even if you haven't had a fixed address in Japan yet, you can apply to have you SIM Card delivered anywhere within Japan where you will stay temporally. Just be sure to be there when your SIM Card arrives!

As for the phone itself (the device), JP Mobile SIM is compatible with most SIM-free devices which support 4G, even those brought from your home country.

Their SIM card is a 3in1 type. It's cut into many sizes, so you do not need to worry whether it fits your device.

2- No need to have a bank account or credit card

If you try to get a number or mobile at other big carriers, you will need a credit card or bank information to register for automatically withdraw payment. And you will also find out that you must have a phone number when opening a bank account. This "chicken or the egg" dilemma is quite frustrating and stressful. Also, you cannot have a bank account if you don't have a residence card, so long-term tourism visitors are not eligible anyway.

With JP Smart SIM, you can get a phone number without needing a bank account or credit card. Payment by cash at most convenience stores in Japan is a highlight feature of this service.

If you select your payment method as "Convenience stores", JP Smart SIM will send you an e-mail on the 25th of every month with the details of your invoice. Moreover, the period of payment is flexible from the payment issue date to the last day of that month. So you can take the initiative to complete it anytime, anywhere as long as it before the due date.

Also, you can keep track of your phone bills using "JP Smart SIM" mobile app that you can access with your registered account. It's now available on App Store (for iOS device) and Play Store (for Android device).

Just be careful: you must complete monthly payment before that month ends. Otherwise, the service will be temporarily stopped on the first day of the following month.

3- No contract cancellation fee

Differently from other companies, with JP Smart SIM, you can request the contract termination anytime without cancellation fees! Just remember to confirm the usage term before sending a request via your "My Page" account on JP Smart SIM website.

After cancelling your contract, there is no need to return the SIM Card: simply dispose of it the correct way (check out at your city's website).

If you want to reserve your phone number since it linked to many registration documents, you can request a "Dormant service". With this optional service, you only need to pay 500 yen/month to keep your sim card stay active before your return, instead of full payment each month.

4-No delivery fee

There is more FREE! The delivery is free of charge. After completing to purchase the SIM Card will be delivered to your door for absolutely 0 yen! Great opportunity to stay home and rest after a long journey to Japan ????


●"Why are you telling me this just now? I already have chosen another provider!" - No problem! Change carriers and keep your phone number.

Even if you decide to get a phone number with another carrier, changing to JP Smart still is an option worth to think.

First, if you have just signed your contract, check with your carrier if you can cancel for free. Some providers will allow you to do so within eight days from the first day of your contract.

Second, if you are going to stay in Japan for less than two years and don't care about cancellation fees anyway, it is better to end your current contract now and transfer to JP Smart SIM. Though you will not save on the cancellation fee, you will save on your monthly bill up to 20,000 per year.

●What is the MNP special offer? Monthly Fee will be cheaper!

This may sound weird to those who are very young, but in the past (more specifically, until 2006), it was not possible to change carriers without changing your phone number. Since October 2006, any carrier in Japan must enable their customers to do MNP (Mobile Number Portability), which means you can keep your phone number even if you change carriers.

JP Smart has prepared a special offer for those who want to do MNP: save up to ¥14,960 if you are porting your number to JP Smart SIM!

When transferring your phone number to JP Smart SIM, you will get a discount includes: FREE contract administration fee, FREE first-contract-month basic fee, and 50% OFF on basic monthly charge of the 2nd AND 3rd month!

This discount can even cover the cancellation fee you will have to pay to cancel your current plan. Considering if any future phone bills you got to spend (after applying to JP Smart SIM) are cheaper, depending on the package you choose, there isn't any reason for not porting your number to JP Smart SIM!

Last but not least, JP Smart SIM also offers a special bonus of 1GB per month for those who complete their bills on time.

Comparing to other carriers

The major carriers in Japan have only one or two plans to choose from. Some package has no data limit and will offer discounts if your usage reaches a minimum amount and some other deductions for family package, or if your home internet provider is the same as your phone. Most of these discounts will not apply if you are going to stay here for not so long, if you are living alone, or living at a share house, where contracts are not under your name.

Researching for plans, we found out that if you are going to take the 20GB plan at JP Smart SIM, the monthly bill will be the same as if you use a major carrier. However, considering that you are going to use this mobile number for less than two years, the cancellation fee will apply for major carriers, while that will not happen at JP Smart. If choosing plans with 20GB or more.

Tap to enlage

However, if you choose a lighter plan at JP Smart SIM, you will be able to save up more than HALF of what you would be paying at major carriers. And we do not even need to consider about the cancellation fees!


Easy to apply, no binding contract, flexible payment methods, foreigner-friendly with multilingual support, JP Smart SIM is the best choice for you in Japan.

We have focused on the practical side and financial benefits that JP Smart SIM can offer to you as being your adviser. By understanding how foreigners are struggling to go through the formalities of signing a contract in Japan; JP Smart SIM has had and still been innovating its services in a way to minimise as much as possible the stress we would feel.

Being in Japan is, generally, a great experience. But these "small" stress that we go through are contributing to spoil the experience.

For the sake of your time, and mental health, choosing a service that it is not only efficient but also affordable for most, at the same time that it offers a differential customer service to foreigners, is priceless.

You can apply to JP Smart at any time, online, and it can be delivered even on weekends. There is a detailed Q&A item on their website, but if you cannot find the answer to your questions there, feel free to contact their customer support via their Facebook Fanpage or their official website. They are happy to support you doesn't matter if this is your first-time register for a phone number in Japan, or if you are coming from another carrier.

Are you convinced already that this is the most foreign-friendly, reasonable mobile carrier in Japan? Don't waste your time looking further, trust us and visit their website!

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