Points of choosing a school

In order to choose a school that suits me

When deciding which school to apply, what kind of things do you consider and decide?
Since it is an important career path choice, after entering the university, so that it will not be like "I was not supposed to be ..."
Let's thoroughly check in advance and find the school that suits your needs.

Please refer to the following as an advice for what you would like to think about at first in order to choose the school that suits you.

★ Think about the field you want to learn

Let's think about what you are interested in and want to learn.
There can be more than one at the beginning. Let's gather information on schools where you can learn about these fields, judge from various points such as class content and school facilities, and finally select the school you would like.

★ Do you have your own academic ability or ability?

Entrance criteria and acceptance levels vary depending on the school. Let's understand your academic skills and abilities correctly and select multiple candidate schools. Unfortunately, as a result of Entrance Examination you may not be able to enter the university, so let's apply and take a few candidate schools.

★ What kind of job do you want to do in the future?

Using what I learned, what kind of job would you like to have in the future? What kind of job place you are hoping for is also one of the most important things to choose career. Let's check what kind of qualifications, knowledge and skills you can acquire at the school you choose when collecting information.

Choosing just by saying that it is a famous well-known school does not mean choosing a school that suits himself. Let's check firmly what you want to do at that school!

Points of choosing a school

1. Lecture · Contents of research Whether there is a lecture that you really want to study, you should make sure that you can study, through the school guide, the homepage of the school, or the seniors of that school.
2. Entrance Examination What are the exam subjects?
Is it an exam difficulty that can be cleared with my ability?
3. Tuition , other necessary expenses Tuition is somewhat, in the period leading up to graduation Tuition or can pay the expenses of the combined cost of living with?
4. Scholarships and economic assistance Tuition exemption and university Scholarship Program or is there? What criteria do you get?
What is the probability of getting it?
5. Japanese Program Is there a Japanese supplementary lesson?
6. Acceptance of International Students, Support System for International Students Is there a Japanese supplementary lesson?
Is there a staff who supports foreign students, tutors to help study and live?
7. Residence Is there a school dormitory or accommodation?
Will you introduce the apartment?
8. Residence Are facilities and facilities environment for research and practical training substantial?
9. Research and training facilities Is the school environment easy to study?
Is it urban or rural?

School selection schedule

School selection schedule

Information collection method

It is extremely important for foreign students to actively collect information themselves in order to study and live in Japan to know the school choice and circumstances in Japan that suited themselves. Here are some tools to get new information.

School information

◎ School guide ◎ Application guidelines ◎ School homepages ◎ Open campus ◎ Experience entrance ◎ アクセス日本留学

Information on schools provides the most accurate information by contacting schools directly by requesting documents or visiting schools. Alternatively, it is a shortcut to get information using using a comprehensive school site for foreign students like this website " アクセス日本留学 ".

Japanese Proficiency Test

<Implementation in Japan> Public Interest Foundation Japan Education Support Association Japanese Education Promotion Section

4-5-29 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8503
TEL: 03-6686-2974 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test Reception Center)

EJU Examination

<Implementation Organization> Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) International Student Division Study Abroad Examination Division

4-5-29 Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8503
TEL: 03-6407-7457

BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test

<Implementation Organization> The Japan Association of Japanese-Korean Capacity Association

398 Gojocho-maru-cho downtown Karasumaru Matsubara, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8585
TEL: 0120-509-315

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Foreign Students Enrollment Fee

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) International Student Division International Scholarship Division (in charge of learning incentive fee)

2-2-1 Aoyama, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135-8630
TEL: 03-5520-6030

Scholarship information

Scholarship window at each school

For scholarships, the most accurate information can be obtained by contacting the scholarship office in charge of each school.

Japan Student Services Organization